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Online Checkers Game

Online Checkers Game Overview

This free online version of Checkers is a classic board game for two players. Checkers is not only a math game: it tests your patience, vision and persistence. Learning the game of checkers is easy, but becoming a master takes practice. You can play Checkers online here 24/7 to practice your skills with another human player.

How to Play Checkers

Checkers game rules are described here.

To play, move one of your checkers pieces forward and diagonal, landing on an empty black square. When there is an empty square behind an opponent’s checker piece, you must “jump” over their checker, capturing that piece. Double-jumps, and even triple-jumps are possible!

Once you reach the last row of the opposite side of the board, your piece is “kinged,” meaning it can move forwards and backwards. The player to capture all opponent checkers, or leave them with no possible legal moves, wins the checkers game.

Use the various features of this free online checkers game to fully customize your experience. Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can make an offer to your opponent to end in a tie. You’ll notice that it’s your turn when the timer appears next to your character’s avatar. Move your checker before the timer runs out. To give up on your current game, and hand the victory to your opponent, you can click the resign button. You can also choose from a variety of different checkers pieces and backgrounds, view statistics, or return to the multiplayer checkers lobby.

The History of Checkers

Checkers, or Draughts, is one of the oldest strategy board games. It originated in the Middle East during ancient times. Its origin is a game called Alquerque, which had a 5x5 board. It was very popular in the western world for thousands of years. Around 1100, the French version of checkers was developed by expanding the number of pieces to 12 on a side. In 1847, the first world championship was awarded. With the introduction of electronic computers in 1950s, Arthur L. Samuel created the first checkers program to play against humans. Even today, the classic game is still very popular all over the world.

Don't confuse Chinese Checkers with Checkers because they are entirely different types of board games! Chinese Checkers is a simplified variant of the American game Halma. The hexagram-shaped board of Chinese Checkers and the square-shaped checkerboard signify the difference!

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