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How to Play Backgammon Online

Playing online backgammon is a great way to pass the time. Games are often fast-paced and test your ability to make quick, strategic decisions.

You can learn how to play in no time at all. All you need to do to start playing backgammon online is follow these six simple steps and you’ll be able to have fun playing this classic board game.

Step 1: learn the layout of the board

Backgammon boards are made up of 24 numbered triangular points. These are arranged into four sections:

  • White home board: labeled 1-6
  • White outer board: labeled 7-12
  • Black outer board: labeled 13-18
  • Black home board: labeled 19-24

Step 2: understand the object of the game

The objective of backgammon is to move all your checkers toward the No. 1 point on the board. Your opponent will attempt to do the opposite.

Step 3: start by rolling the dice

To begin, both players roll a pair of dice to determine who goes first.

Step 4: take your turn

Players alternate turns, rolling the pair of dice to start a new turn.

Step 5: move your checkers one at a time

Backgammon checkers are moved one at a time, according to the number from the dice roll. If a backgammon checker move is available, you must make one.

Step 6: know the moves you can make

Valid moves include: moving a checker that is unoccupied, occupied by your own checker pieces, or occupied by exactly one checker piece that belongs to your opponent.

What are the backgammon rules?

Trying to learn the rules of backgammon? It’s easy! These are the key rules you need to know when you’re playing.

Rules of moving checkers in backgammon

Move to an open point

You can only move your checkers to an open point. This is a point on the board that is occupied by less than two of your opponent’s checkers.

Follow the dice

Your two dice determine how many places you can move your checkers. For example, if your dice are two and three, one checker can be moved two places and the other can be moved three.

Roll a double to boost your move

If you roll a double, you can make four moves.

Use both your dice

You must make both of the moves determined by your two dice.

Rules of hitting and entering in backgammon


Hitting in backgammon is when a checker lands on a point that’s occupied by an opposing checker. When this happens, the piece is hit and placed in the bar. The bar is the ridge in the center of the board that divides the home and outer boards.


If you have one or more checkers in the bar, you are obligated to enter these pieces into your opponent’s home board.

Rules of bearing off in backgammon

You can bear off in backgammon once you’ve moved your 15 checkers into your home board.

You do this by rolling the dice and hitting a number that matches a point where a checker rests. For example, if your checker is on point six, hitting a six will allow you to remove this piece from the board.

Rules of gammons and backgammons

If you finish your game and have borne off at least one of your checkers then you will only lose the amount that shows on the doubling cube, or one point if there have been no doubles in the game.

However, if you’ve not borne off any pieces, you’ll be either gammoned or backgammoned.


If you’ve not borne off any checkers but have cleared your pieces from the bar then you’ll be gammoned. If this happens then you lose 2x the amount of the doubling cube.


If you’ve not borne off any checkers and still have pieces either on the bar or your opponent’s home board then you’ll be backgammoned. If this happens then you lose 3x the amount of the doubling cube.

How to win at backgammon: 5 top tips

Playing this format of online backgammon should be about one thing: having fun.

But it’s not much fun if you don’t win as many games as you like. Luckily, we have five tips that give you the skills you need to know how to win when playing backgammon online.

Tip 1: using speed to win at backgammon

Sometimes the best way to play backgammon is to simply move your backgammon checkers around the board as quickly as possible and avoid getting sent to the bar. If you can get the majority of your pieces across the middle of the board at the beginning of the game, your chances of winning will be much higher!

Tip 2: using blockers to win at backgammon

Other times, the best strategy may be to try to hold your opponent back as much as possible by blocking their checkers from advancing. By disrupting the other player’s strategy, you’re more likely to be crowned the winner.

Tip 3: protect your advanced checkers

Your blots are always vulnerable to being sent to the bar, but notice that this is more of a setback for more advanced checkers than for less advanced ones.

Tip 4: sometimes you have to concede

Also, it is sometimes wiser to refuse a double and concede the backgammon game than to accept doubled stakes and lose.

Tip 5: always make the golden point

The golden point is your 5 point on the backgammon board. This is the most strategically important point on the board and making it at an early stage in the game makes it difficult for your opponent to build an effective strategy.

How many pieces are there in backgammon?

Backgammon is played between two players who each have 15 pieces.

These pieces are the checkers on the board, also known as ‘men.’

The object of backgammon is to be the first player to ‘bear off.’ This is when you move all of your 15 pieces off the game board.

How to set up backgammon games

Backgammon boards feature 24 triangular points that are separated into four sections.

Games are set up so that each of the four sections on the board features both white and black checkers.

The checkers are arranged as below:

White checkers

  • 6-point: five checkers
  • 8-point: three checkers
  • 13-point: five checkers
  • 24-point: two checkers

Black checkers

  • 19-point: five checkers
  • 17-point: three checkers
  • 12-point: five checkers
  • 1-point: Two checkers

The beauty of online backgammon is that the games are arranged by a computer.

This means that you don’t need to set them up. You just need to move them in order to defeat your opponent.

Try out our free online backgammon game now to see how much fun you can have playing this classic board game!

About Free Online Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the oldest and most popular board games in the world. People have been playing it for thousands of years and you can play it today with our free online backgammon game.

Our game lets you test your knowledge of backgammon by pitting you against an online opponent. It also comes with a handy help section, so you know what to expect from the game.

Try our version of free backgammon online now and learn why people have been playing this classic board game for so many years!

What is backgammon?

Backgammon is a board game that’s played between two players, each of whom try tries to clear their checkers from the board. The players take turns moving their checker pieces around the backgammon board, as determined by a roll of the dice. The game objective is to move all your checkers to the other side of the board before the last opponent’s checker reaches your side.

The game is won when all a player’s checkers have been moved around the board and removed from the game. The first player to ‘bear off’ all their pieces wins the backgammon game.

Online backgammon games pit you against a computer. You then need a combination of sensible strategy and good luck to beat your digital opponent. Even though you start with the same number of active checkers, just one dice roll in this ancient board game can result in your checkers being blocked. This would prevent you from making other moves, which takes time and requires some luck to overcome.

Backgammon is just one of the many classic board games you can play at Arkadium, with chess, tic tac toe, and bingo among our many great options.

Who invented backgammon?

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in history, with archaeological discoveries showing that people played variations of it in Persia as far back as 3000 BC.

Backgammon is believed to have been invented in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). The world’s oldest set of dice were discovered in this region and it’s claimed that these were used to play games of backgammon.

Arkadium has the best free online backgammon game

Backgammon is a classic strategy game with almost 5000 years of history, and our free version is the best way to play it online.

You can play free backgammon online against a computer or friends and save time on real backgammon setup with our game.

We hope you enjoy our version of backgammon online, free to play on the Arkadium website — no download required.

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