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How to Play Card Sharks

Ace is high, deuce is low, call it right, and win the dough on CARD SHARKS! To win Card Sharks, you need to use deduction and logic to guess more correctly than your opponent! To start, select the "Main Round" mode and answer survey questions using the slider. Your opponent will then guess "higher" or "lower" than your answer. Whoever guesses correctly gains "control of the cards" and can play the next round of Card Sharks. In this round, each player starts with one base card and must guess if the next card in their row of cards is "higher" or "lower." (Keep in mind: Ace is the highest card and 2 is the lowest card.) If the player guesses correctly, they move on to the next card in their row. The player who correctly guesses the higher and lower cards 6 times wins Card Sharks and becomes the Card Sharks champion!

When you have control of the cards, you can choose to receive a new base card at the start or choose to "freeze" a card after you guess at least one card correctly. If you guess incorrectly, your row resets all the way to your base card. However, freezing a card means that you can save your progress up to that point in the row, but you must return to the survey question round. In the survey question round, it's possible that your opponent can win and begin making their way through their deck.

Also, if neither player has cleared their row of cards before the final question, both players enter the "Sudden Death" round. Whoever wins the next survey question round has the option to "Play" or "Pass." If the winner of "Sudden Death" chooses to "Play," they can attempt to clear their row of cards and change their base card if desired. If the winner of the "Sudden Death" round chooses to "Pass," their opponent must attempt to clear their row of cards without the option to change their base card. If either player guesses incorrectly, their opponent automatically wins Card Sharks!

The game is not over yet! The winner of the main Card Sharks game then moves onto the Money Cards round. This round is just like the card round from before but you get a new base card for every 3 cards you guess and you must wager an amount for each guess. If you guess correctly, you will double your money. However, if you guess incorrectly, you will lose your wager. Money Cards is where big money can be made or lost. Good luck! If you’re a fan of the Card Sharks game show on television, give yourself a hand and play the official best free online Card Sharks game today! Now let's open up the board and get to the cards!

About Card Sharks

The Card Sharks game show debuted in 1978 and was recently revived in 2019. Originally, Card Sharks was based on the traditional card game, Acey Deucey. In fact, the name Card Sharks is a pun on the term “Card Sharp,” which means that a person is very skilled at card games. Sit back, relax and enjoy the official free online Card Sharks game!