Klondike Solitaire strategy includes moving aces quickly, which is what this player is doing in his game.


Whether you’re an advanced player or brand new to the game, winning at Klondike Solitaire requires strategy. This article contains our best strategies and tips to jumpstart your winning streak. Let’s dive in.


Klondike Solitaire Strategy

Klondike Solitaire (also known as Classic Solitaire) is easy to play but difficult to master. We’ve compiled these strategies to beat the odds.


Put Your Best Foot Forward

There are two ways to start Klondike:

 A chart outlining the two ways to start a game of Klondike Solitaire.


At Arkadium, we go for the foundation first. If no moves are available, default to the stock. For reference, here is an image of the standard Solitaire layout.

 The standard tabletop layout according to Klondike Solitaire rules.


Prioritize Revealing Cards

You might be tempted to start building runs right away, but experience says opening up cards is a better Klondike Solitaire strategy. Hidden cards might reveal an important card that can make a difference in your game. The more cards you can free up, the more opportunities you have to get cards to their foundation piles.

Move Stacks Around

Transfer stacks of sequential runs from one tableau to another to free up space and bring more cards into play. You don’t even have to move the entire sequence either. Split the run wherever is most advantageous.

Look Out For Kings

Kings belong to empty columns. As the game progresses, entire columns will disappear. When that happens, you want to get that empty column back in the game. This is where Kings come in. Place a King in the blank space to keep the tableau in play.

Build Skill with One-Draw

Master the one-draw game first before moving on to the more difficult three-draw game. Jumping into the deep end of the pool can cause a new player a lot of frustration. Build your Klondike Solitaire strategy with the one-card draw before tackling the three-headed beast.

Cycle Through the Stock Pile

The stock is like a revolving door, so you can go through the pile repeatedly. Once you’re positive there are no more moves, cycle through one more time—just in case.

Take Your Time

“There's always a way if you're not in a hurry.” – Paul Theroux

Strategizing takes time. Even the most advanced players slowly examine their Klondike layout for opportunities. Be patient. Consider all the possible moves and their implications before playing a card. Plan ahead. Calculate the possible outcomes so you can maximize your chances.


Klondike Solitaire Tips

Now that you’ve been introduced to a few strategies, read our Klondike Solitaire tips to increase your odds of winning.


Move Aces

Aces are hot potatoes. As soon as you have one, get rid of it.

In Klondike, the final destination is the suited foundation piles, so you want to establish the piles early on. The only way to do that is by placing the aces. Move aces to the foundation as soon as possible.

Find the Best Move

The best move isn’t necessarily the one that completes a suit or builds a run. Even when a play seems like a step back, it can be part of a longer strategy that results in more moves. In Klondike, the best move is the one that brings more cards into play. 

Prioritize Long Columns

Tackle columns with the highest number of unexposed cards. This not only frees up cards but might also reveal a hidden gem that will advance your game.

Use the Undo Button

When playing online, a good Klondike Solitaire tip is to take full advantage of the undo button. It’s not cheating if it’s in the rules—and it is in our Arkadium Klondike Solitaire game.

Build Foundations Simultaneously

As much as possible, build up all four suited foundation piles simultaneously. Avoid focusing on one suit at a time. Doing so creates an imbalance in the rest of the cards, which can clog up your columns.

With these Klondike Solitaire tips, you’re set for your next game. Give our list of strategies and tips a try and improve your chances of winning Klondike Solitaire.


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