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How to Play Classic Solitaire

The goal of classic solitaire is to move each of the cards to the four foundations found on the top right of the game.

How to Play Classic Solitaire Online in 7 Simple Steps

Step 1: Decide how many cards you want to draw

Before starting the game you have the option of drawing one or three solitaire cards. Three will make the game more challenging, while one is better for beginners.

Step 2: Flip a card to find its value

Click on a face-down solitaire card to flip it face up and see its value.

Step 3: Drag cards onto cards of opposite color and suit

You should click and drag a card onto any card of an opposite suit and color. The card you drag needs to be one rank lower than the one you’re placing it on — for example, you can drag an eight onto a nine). Aces are considered the lowest value cards, while kings are the highest.

Step 4: Draw cards by clicking on the deck

Click on the deck in the upper left corner to draw cards.

Step 5: Double click aces to add them to card foundations

Drag or double click aces to add them to one of the four card foundations that can be found in the upper right corner of the game. Aces need to be at the top of the card pile.

Step 6: Add kings to empty stacks

Kings can be dragged to empty card stacks. Kings need to be at the bottom of the card foundations.

Step 7: Fill the foundations by suit & in ascending order

The goal is to fill the four foundation stacks with cards separated by suit and arranged in order of value, from lowest to highest (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, queen, king).

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About Classic Solitaire

We're the Classic Solitaire pros—we created the Microsoft Solitaire Collection that comes pre-installed on Microsoft Windows. Yes, that game.

Classic solitaire is perhaps the most popular card game on the planet. And with good reason — it’s a game of strategy, skill, and stoicism that’s a great way to both relax and focus your mind.

Our free classic solitaire game lets you draw either one or three cards, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced players. It’s also great for mid-range players who want to take their classic solitaire online gaming to the next level.

So, don’t waste another second. Play our free online classic solitaire game and put your strategies to the test right now!

What is Classic Solitaire?

Classic solitaire is the most widely-played version of the world’s most popular patience game — 35 million people play solitaire every month and many of them will be playing classic solitaire games.

Patience games have been played since at least the 17th century but received a boost in popularity at the start of the 1990s. This was due to Microsoft Solitaire being included as part of Windows 3.0.

And we’re proud to admit that we're the classic solitaire pros — we created the Microsoft Solitaire Collection that comes pre-installed on Microsoft Windows.

The creation of free online classic solitaire games means that now more people than ever are able to play this great strategy pastime.

So, try our free classic solitaire game now and join the millions of people across the globe that play this brilliant variant of patience!