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How to Play Canfield Solitaire

The goal of Canfield Solitaire is to move all 52 cards of the deck into the four upper right piles, called foundations.

In Canfield Solitaire, foundation piles are ascending, tableau piles are descending, and all piles are cyclic. The first foundation pile is dealt a random Canfield solitaire card, which determines the starting value for all the foundations.

There are only 4 tableau piles, starting with a single solitaire card each. When a tableau pile is emptied, the space will immediately be filled by a Canfield card from the reserve pile in the bottom left.

Only the top card in the reserve pile is visible, and other cards cannot be placed on it.

Most Canfield cards start in the stock pile in the upper left corner, which you can draw 1 or 3 cards from at a time depending on your difficulty.

This solitaire game will require more patience than most, but you have unlimited hints and undos to help you along the way.

About Canfield Solitaire

Play free online Canfield Solitaire - a notoriously challenging version of the classic solitiare card game. Perhaps the most difficult of all solitaire card game variants, only the truly skilled can win. Choose either easy or hard versions to test your solitaire skills!

Good luck playing this free online version of Canfield Solitaire — you just may need it!