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How to Play Advanced Bridge

Learning how to play a Bridge game is somewhat complex for new players, but it's very relaxing once you get the hang of it. The Bridge game ends when a team wins two matches by scoring more points. In order to score points, players must take tricks and fulfill Bridge contracts that can be bid on at the beginning of a hand. Once the bidding phase is over, each player plays a card that is taken clockwise from the leader. Whoever wins the latest trick then becomes the leader. When playing Bridge, all players should try to play the same suit that the leader plays. However, they can play any Bridge card that they want to, including a trump card. Trump card suits are determined during the bidding phase. Typically, the highest numerical card in the leading suit will win the trick, but a trump card will always beat any card of every other suit.

Bridge rules can be difficult for beginners, but play a few hands and you'll be wanting to just play Bridge 247. Enjoy as many free online Bridge games as you want!

About Advanced Bridge

Advanced Bridge is a new and improved version of Bridge made for experienced players. Team up and play against sophisticated AI players in this updated version of the classic Bridge card game you know and love.

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