Stan Newman's Sunday Crossword

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How to Play Stan Newman's Sunday Crossword

To complete crosswords, you must try to answer the clues and write your answers into the grid. The number of letters in your answer must match the number of squares in the crossword grid. If you can't solve one clue, try to solve the next one - this way, you can fill more letters into the grid and return to the more difficult clues. Using the answers provided, you may be able to solve all the clues! If that strategy does not work, simply use a hint to help you solve the crossword clues!

About Stan Newman's Sunday Crossword

Stan Newman's Sunday Crossword features huge puzzles that are set on a huge 21x21 square grid, so get ready for even more crossword fun! In addition, Sunday Crossword puzzles are edited by Newsday's legendary crossword editor, Stan Newman. The best part? You can play Stan Newman's Sunday Crosswords on any day of the week!