Stan Newman's Hard Crossword

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How to Play Stan Newman's Hard Crossword

After selecting the crossword you want to play, use the clues to fill the grid horizontally or vertically. Find yourself stuck on a difficult clue? The Reveal button can give you a helping hand by uncovering letters, words, or even the whole puzzle! Hard crossword puzzles, by nature, are notoriously difficult to solve. You will need to pool together all your expertise and perform mental gymnastics to complete the challenge. If you need a reminder about how to play at the top of your game, read these four top tips for a refresher course in solving hard crossword puzzles:

  • Practice makes perfect: play some of our more simple crossword puzzles to get you in the solving mood.
  • Scan the clues for easy answers: some clues jump out of the page right away — focus on these, and come back to the tricky ones later on.
  • Use crossings to confirm your answer: confirm your answer is right by solving the clues that run across it.
  • Look up answers if you're stuck: you're not cheating, you're learning. Nobody knows everything and looking up the answer now puts you in good stead for the next puzzle.

Ready to beat Stan Newman's Hard Crossword? Play now and discover whether your skills are sharp enough or if you need some more practice.

About Stan Newman's Hard Crossword

Play Stan Newman's Hard Crossword — a worthy challenge for the best crossword solvers around the world! Edited by professional crossword editor Stan Newman, this series of challenging puzzles is sure to be a testing task for the most seasoned of crossword superfans. When playing Stan Newman's Hard Crossword, expect to come across mentally demanding clues that are ideal for crossword veterans. Reckon you're up to the challenge? Take on Stan Newman's Hard Crossword and see if you have what it takes!