Mahjongg Candy Cane

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How to Play Mahjongg Candy Cane

Like any other mahjong solitaire game, the goal of Mahjong Candy Cane is to remove all tiles from the board by matching tile pairs. Tiles can only be matched if they're free on the left or right side, and not overlapped by other tiles. Mahjongg Candy Cane also has multiplier tiles that will double the points you get from every match. You'll get even more points for matching the same tile multiple times in a row, and finishing the game quickly. Get in the holiday spirit with this free online mahjong game.

About Mahjongg Candy Cane

Spread some holiday cheer! Mahjong Candy Cane is the same Mahjong you love to play year-round, but with wintry visuals to celebrate the season. Bundle up and enjoy!

Enjoy Mahjongg Candy Cane for free!