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How to Play Klondike Solitaire

Klondike solitaire is one of the most straightforward ways to play this classic patience game.

The classic version of the game uses a single 52 playing cards. Klondike solitaire begins with the cards being shuffled before 28 cards are then dealt out onto the table in seven piles.

The object of the game is to order all of the cards into the deck’s four suits (diamonds, clubs, hearts, spades) and to do so in ascending order — from ace to king.

The piles are called tableaus and they are laid out on the table from left to right:

  • Single card
  • Two cards
  • Three cards
  • Four cards
  • Five cards
  • Six cards
  • Seven cards

The bottom card in each tableau is face-up and the remaining 24 cards (those not dealt out) remain in a single pile called the stock.

Once all the cards are laid out, you then move individual cards from the stock to make your four suited piles. If you’re playing Klondike solitaire online then you simply drag cards and move them to the tableau you wish to place them in.

How to Make Moves in Klondike Solitaire

The aim of Klondike solitaire is to order a 52-deck of cards into four suited piles, with the ace of the suit at the top and the king at the bottom.

To achieve this you need to shift cards into the correct position, placing unwanted cards into the waste pile.

This is how to move your cards when you’re playing Klondike solitaire online:

  • Stack solitaire cards sequentially from ace to king by suit on the foundation piles. Each foundation has its own suit.
  • Cards on the table can be placed on cards that are one higher than them and the opposite color. You can move multiple cards at a time as long as the entire group you’re moving is in descending order and alternating color.
  • Only kings or sequential groups that have a king at the top can be placed on empty columns.
  • Cards are dealt from the reserve to the waste one or three at a time, based on which you chose to start.
  • You can play the top card on the waste to the table or to the foundations.

Now that you know how to make moves in solitaire, you just need to decide whether to play the games that waste one or three cards at a time — classic Klondike solitaire deals three at a time, but one card is easier for beginners.

Our version of Klondike solitaire is a patience game and it lets you choose from one or three-card deals. You can cycle through the waste and reserve endlessly until you run out of possible moves.

Try our free Klondike solitaire game today and find out if you’ve got winning moves!

How to Win Klondike Solitaire

Klondike solitaire is a game of patience. This means you should put real thought into the moves you make and be prepared to persevere with the games you play — you won’t win in a single move.

But while patience is the game, there are some great tips you can use to increase your chances of winning when you’re playing free solitaire online:

Klondike solitaire tip 1

Always move an ace or deuce card to the foundation whenever it is possible. This increases your chance of winning at Klondike solitaire.

Klondike solitaire tip 2

If you have multiple move options, you'll want to choose from the column that contains the largest number of unexposed cards.

Klondike solitaire tip 3

The best move is always the one that opens up other moves. So, think ahead when you’re moving cards.

Klondike solitaire tip 4

You'll want to avoid building up one suit of Klondike solitaire cards relative to others in the foundation. Doing this generally makes it hard to flip over additional solitaire cards in the tableau of a color opposite to the “long” suit in the foundation.

Klondike solitaire tip 5

Remember that you can change your mind when you make moves. This is because you're playing an online version of Klondike solitaire, so you have unlimited use of the undo function.

Enjoy Klondike Solitaire?

Take a look at our range of free solitaire games and put your solitaire skills to the test!

What is Klondike Solitaire?

Klondike solitaire is one of the most popular and classic card games of all time. It is a brilliant strategy card game that people have been playing for hundreds of years.

A major reason so many people enjoy playing a Klondike solitaire game is because of its inclusion with Microsoft Windows. Arkadium is the creator of Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Windows 8 and 10, so you know that we are pros when it comes to Klondike solitaire online.

You can play Klondike solitaire online, or against friends with a real deck of cards. Whichever way you choose to play it, the game is a fun way to improve your ability to think logically. This is because each move you make has a key impact on the next one you take.

Our free online version of Klondike solitaire gives you the chance to register for games that are updated daily, allowing you to test your skills every 24 hours.

One of the best things about Klondike solitaire is that it helps you to relax. The reason for this is that it’s a calm, sedate, patient game that puts players into a state of serenity.

5 Fun Facts About Klondike Solitaire

Like all of the best card games, there are plenty of fun facts about Klondike solitaire. We’ve picked out five of the best for you:

  1. While solitaire's exact origin is unknown, the earliest printed record of the word solitaire appeared in 1746.
  2. The actual Klondike solitaire card game known today likely originated toward the end of the 18th century in Europe.
  3. It’s believed that Napoleon had a weakness for Klondike solitaire.
  4. The first digital version of Klondike solitaire was introduced on an Apple Macintosh 1984 by Michael Casteel.
  5. A skilled Klondike solitaire player can expect to win around 43% of the time.

These facts boost your chances of winning games, but they might increase your love of Klondike solitaire by giving you a greater understanding of its origins.

All that’s left now is for you to put your skills to the test by playing our free online version of Klondike solitaire!