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How to Play Mahjong

Mahjong rules are easy – match any two tiles that are free and have the same symbol. A tile is considered free and clickable only if it is uncovered and unblocked on its left and right sides. Because mahjong is a race against the clock, if you want to be a true expert you need to match the tiles quickly!

About Mahjong

Mahjong is an ancient game designed to test your mind, seeing how well you can concentrate under pressure.

The History of Mahjong

Mahjong has its roots in the Qing Dynasty of China!

Traditionally, mahjong was played with 144 mahjong tiles and four players. The goal of the game was to draw and discard tiles until one player assembled a winning hand of four melds, or sets of three, and one pair. Throughout the 20th century, mahjong began to spread to different cultures around the world, and variants of the classic game began to appear.

In Japan and South Korea, for example, the same game was played with three players instead of four. In Western cultures, one popular variant is mahjong solitaire – a matching game that uses the same traditional mahjong tiles with Chinese symbols and characters on them, just as used in this online version of the game.

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