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How to Play Bridge

Bridge is a card game that uses a regular 52-card deck and features four players that are in teams of two. When you play bridge online you’re matched up with a virtual partner and battle against virtual opponents.

The object of bridge games is to win points by taking tricks off of your opponents.

A game of classic bridge ends when one team wins two matches (known as a ‘rubber’) out of three, but the winning team is the one that has the most points in the end — games are won when teams earn a contract by scoring 100 points or more.

Learn How to Play Bridge by following these 5 Steps

Step 1: Scoring points

Score points by taking tricks and fulfilling bridge contracts that you bid on at the start of your hand.

Step 2: Playing tricks

After bidding, the bridge hand is played in a series of tricks where each player plays a card clockwise from the leader.

Step 3: Leader changes

The leader changes to whoever won the last trick.

Step 4: Suits are set during bidding

The suit of trump cards is determined during bidding. The highest card in the leading suit wins the trick, but trump cards always beat cards of any other suit.

Step 5: Follow the lead suit

During the bridge game, all players must follow the lead suit played by the leader in the trick if they are able. Otherwise, they can play any bridge card they wish, including a trump card.

If that all sounds confusing, don't worry! Bridge can be tricky for beginners, but we've created a detailed set of instructions to help you learn under "Help and Tips" in the in-game menu.

Now you know the steps involved in bridge games, put them into practice by playing bridge online free with our great game. Good luck!

What Are the Rules of Bridge?

Bridge is such a popular game that it has international laws for playing it.

The rules to be aware of when you play bridge online are called the Laws of Rubber Bridge. They were first put in place in 1932 and are subject to revision.

The rules of bridge outlined in these laws cover a range of areas. These are the key ones:

  • The deal
  • The auction
  • The play
  • The score

While it’s useful to review the Laws of Rubber Bridge before you play, our free bridge game comes with a handy "Help and Tips" section. Reading this will give you the important rules to be aware of when you play bridge online for free.

So, try our great bridge game now and check our instructions to make sure you’re playing by the rules!

How Long is a Game of Bridge?

Bridge games aren’t set to a clock. This means there’s no defined length of time for how long they last — they end when one pair of players beats the other.

However, tournament games of bridge often take 7 minutes and 30 seconds per deal, so this gives you an idea of how long it might take for a whole game to be played.

Of course, when you play bridge online you’ll often find that the deals are quicker than in live games. This means that you can expect to spend less time playing a bridge game online than you would in a live tournament setting.

Play Our Free Online Bridge Game

It's not always easy getting all of your friends together for a game of bridge these days.

Thankfully, now you can play bridge online for free any time you want with our meticulously crafted version!

Team up with a computerized partner and pit your skills against two clever AI opponents in our free version of bridge.

An Arkadium staple, play this classic game now, and see how many tricks you can take off of your opponents!

About Free Online Bridge

Playing free bridge games is a great way to pass the time and have some fun. But it’s also an ideal way to relax and train your brain -key motivations for many of our players. In fact, bridge is an Olympic recognized game for helping its players keep their minds sharp.

Our classic bridge game, which is one of our most popular games, puts you together with a computerized partner. You then compete against two digital opponents, battling to win tricks from them, and earn contracts.

Millions of people play bridge online every day, so you're in good company! Join in and play our classic bridge game online for free right now! Or, if you are looking for a real challenge, test your luck with our newer Advanced Bridge Game which was designed from the ground up for experienced Bridge players.

Good luck, and we hope you enjoy this classic version of online bridge!