Best Anagram Crossword

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How to Play Best Anagram Crossword

Anagram crosswords are similar to its classic counterpart, only you have to approach the clues in a very different way.

Unlike traditional crossword clues, anagrams look to trick you by jumbling up seemingly nonsensical letters. But don't be fooled! The answer you're looking for lies somewhere within.

Solve the crossword puzzle by rearranging clues into another word or phrase. For example, the word 'listen' can be rearranged to 'silent'. Sounds like fun to you? Watch out though, our clues can be real brain teasers!

Are you an anagram rookie? Before playing, give these top tips a careful read:

  • Don't stray too far from the original word: often anagrams relate to the solution
  • Keep an eye on the consonants: look out for common combinations of consonants, then fill in the gaps with vowels to make complete words
  • Memorize words: play daily to remember common combinations

Need a helping hand? Arkadium's Reveal button will help when you come across a particularly tough anagram.

If you love solving tricky puzzles, give our Best Anagram Crossword a try and put your skills to the test!

About Best Anagram Crossword

Our Anagram Crossword is similar to a standard crossword puzzle, but all the clues are anagrams of the solution.

Enjoy the fun of rearranging words and feel the accomplishment of filling in a grid all at the same time!

Do you enjoy being challenged by tricky word puzzles? Play Best Anagram Crossword and tons of other premium online crosswords at Arkadium.