Snake is a simple yet engaging game in which players guide a growing line, aka the snake, through an obstacle-laden arena. The arrow keys control the snake's movement, and each apple consumed makes the game more challenging. Avoiding the snake's tail and walls becomes an exercise in precise timing and strategic thinking and it’s harder than it sounds. 

So let’s dive in as we cover hotly debated questions, from “What is the highest score in Snake” to “What does it take to set a Snake Game world record? 

A Screenshot from the classic arcade game Snake


The History of Snake 

The popular game Snake can be traced back to a 1976 arcade game called Blockade, created by Gremlin Interactive. Blockade was a two-player game in which players were required to avoid their own tail and the edges of the game view. This concept inspired several variations, but Snake, as we know it today, gained widespread popularity when it was introduced on Nokia mobile phones in 1997. This addictive game has since become a cultural phenomenon and is now available on various platforms, challenging players to achieve their highest scores possible. 


What is the World Record for the Snake Game? 

The drive to establish the ultimate world record for the Snake Game remains a hotly contested battleground since multiple world record Snake Game titles exist for different platforms. For instance, Danish player Morten Kjærgaard Pedersen holds a world record for scoring 9,254 points on a Nokia 3310 in 2016.  

In other competitive arenas, the race to set the highest score on Google Snake and Snake II showcases the depth of strategy and quick reflexes required. For example, the challenge of eating 25 apples as quickly as possible in Google Snake has seen records drop to nearly 26 seconds as players like Yarmiplay push the boundaries of speed and efficiency. Meanwhile, Sweden's M4xD set the record for filling the board in Snake and consuming all the apples, completing the challenge in just under ten minutes. 

The field is wide open for enthusiasts of the classic Snake II on Nokia devices. The official record may have expired or been removed, suggesting that with a bit of skill and nostalgia, new champions can still emerge in this enduring game. Whether chasing the ghost of the classic Snake world record game or pioneering new benchmarks, the world of Snake gaming continues to offer thrilling challenges for dedicated players. 


8 Tips on How to Beat Your Own Snake High Score 

The addictive allure of Snake stems from its straightforward yet challenging gameplay. While win conditions are uncomplicated, players aim not just to beat the game but to top their previous scores. Follow our expert advice and who knows, you just may achieve a new world record. Here are eight tips to help you play your best game and unlock a new Snake Game high score: 

1: Practice, Practice, Practice 

The adage "practice makes perfect" is key to improving at Snake. The more you play the game, understanding its nuances and challenges at each level, the better your chances of achieving a Snake high score. 

2: Master Slow Starts and Build Speed Strategically 

Snake demands concentration. Rushing through the game increases the likelihood of mistakes. Slow down, think ahead, and anticipate the movements of your growing snake to avoid premature game ends. 

3: Use Edges and Corners 

Navigating the periphery of the game space maximizes your available area and minimizes the chances of a tail collision. This strategy will boost your odds of beating your personal record. 

4: Zig-Zag Your Way to a High Score 

Employ a zig-zag pattern to manage space effectively as your snake grows. This tactic will help to avoid self-collision and extend your game time. 

5: Utilize the Pause Button Strategically 

To take a break and plan your next steps in the Snake Game, you can use the menu button as a pause button. Although pressing the button without hitting your tail requires some dexterity, this technique can be crucial in achieving a new personal record, as it will provide you a moment of relief while you strategize your next moves. 

6: Master Quick Direction Changes 

Perfecting sharp, tight turns is essential as your snake's length increases. This skill will help you navigate smaller gaps and avoid hitting your tail or the walls. 

7: Track Your Tail 

Keeping an eye on your tail's position allows you to plan better routes around the game space, ensuring safer and longer gameplay. 

8: Incrementally Increase the Challenge 

As you grow more comfortable with the game mechanics, gradually increase the speed setting. At Arkadium, we let you choose between different difficulty levels, so you can enhance your reflexes and decision-making to achieve your highest Snake score yet. 


Play Online with Arkadium 

If you want to play Snake online and top the leaderboard or just have fun while relaxing, we have you covered. Check out some of our free online games now, and join a global community of gamers striving to join the ranks of Snake Game world record holders!