The Best Gifts for Gamers: The Ultimate Shopping Guide

Whether it’s solitaire, Madden, PacMan, or Animal Crossing, there are lots of great games and game formats that capture the imagination, focus, and skill set of our loved ones. When birthdays or holidays come around, we want to give great gifts for gamers that they’ll love and that shows we support their favorite pastime. Not sure what to get the gamer in your life? Our gift guide is here to help.


What Makes Gifts for Gamers Different?

Gifts for gamers are different because often, gamers want very specific things. Sometimes the technology changes so fast, and new versions come out so quickly that it’s best to double check the exact make and model of a specific game or console they want. When in doubt, ask them.

In addition to the upgraded devices and the latest versions of the games they love, gamers also want gifts that create a comfortable environment for their gaming setup. In general, cool gifts for gamers to simply make the gaming experience more enjoyable are always a safe bet!

25 Best Gifts for Gamers

Without further ado, here are 25 gifts for gamers!


1. Virtual Reality Headset

There are several types of VR headsets on the market. A virtual reality headset immerses the player in a 360-degree world that feels completely real. It’s a whole new world of gaming and the future direction gaming is going.

2. Phone Rest

A phone rest is a practical gift. If gamers play on their phone, a phone rest gives their hands a break from being in the same position for hours. If they’re streaming from their phone, it keeps the phone and camera still and stable.

3. Magic 8 Ball

If you’re looking for small, lowkey, yet fun gamer birthday gifts, look no further than a Magic 8 ball! It’s a fun way to make decisions, as the 20-sided die reveals answers such as “Yes” and “Ask again later.” This retro classic looks cool to display in the gaming area.

4. Rubik’s Cube

Another classic handheld game is a Rubik’s cube. Gamers will love this classic 3-D problem solving puzzle. When they can’t play electronic games, like in a doctor’s waiting room, a Rubik’s cube occupies a restless mind and hands. And once you master it, it’s a fun party trick. 

5. New Controller

Controllers come in many different forms (gamepad, steering wheel, pedals, etc.), so be sure to ask your gamer what kind of controller they want, and they will love you forever. A controller is essential to the gaming experience – there is no playing without it for many games!

6. New Screen

Whether they play on a TV or computer, a new screen is a big gift for a special occasion. A more crisp screen, or a bigger one, makes the gaming experience more immersive, enjoyable, and realistic. If their chair is several feet away, it can also prevent eye strain and headaches.

7. Ergonomically Designed Gaming Mouse

For computer gamers, an ergonomic mouse designed especially for gaming is a thoughtful gift because it will reduce strain on the hand. There’s no reason a hobby should cause joint or muscle pain! This is a significant upgrade.

8. New Game

An obvious suggestion, but still worth mentioning: get them a new game! Do some research beforehand. If they’re only into World of Warcraft, don’t get them a football video game, for example. The newest version of their favorite game is a safe bet!

9. Gift Card to Favorite Game Store

When in doubt, get them a gift card to their favorite game store. That way, they can shop for exactly what they need in person or online. Or, take them to a store yourself 17 and watch their eyes light up with joy. Observe what they gravitate towards so you can be informed of their tastes for the next birthday.

10. Gaming Chair

These days, there are chairs designed specifically for gamers. They have Bluetooth hookups, supportive back cushions and sit at just the right angle for looking at a screen. But be warned: they might not want to leave the chair!

11. Do Not Disturb Door Sign

A Do Not Disturb door sign is a good communication tool. Gamers don’t want to be thrown off their groove when they're on a roll. They will appreciate that you honor their boundaries. It can be a simple sign to place around a doorknob or a whiteboard that sticks to the door.

12. Throw Blanket

A throw blanket keeps things cozy in the gaming area. Get one that features their favorite character or franchise. Fleece or sherpa is perfect for the winter, and light cotton or linen works great for a summer birthday.

13. Console

The latest console is one of the most generous gamer gifts. It’s the way a video game connects to a TV. PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch are some of the most popular consoles. Note: a computer is not required for console-based video games. 

14. Comfy Sweats

Comfy sweats are the ideal uniform for any gamer. If they’re into active games with a VR headset, loose fitting sweatpants allow for movement and flexibility. If they prefer more stationary games, sweats are still the ultimate lounge pants for men and women.

15. Slippers

Slippers are like sweatpants for the feet: ultra comfy and ideal for gaming. They are easy to take on and off, perfect for gaming and taking breaks. Even better if the slippers feature their favorite gaming character, like Mario & Luigi.

16. Framed Poster

A framed poster of their favorite game, or gaming character completes a gaming area or den. Plus, it makes for a great background for streaming with friends. It shows that you understand and support them in their passions!

17. Action Figures

Action figures of their favorite game characters are fun knick-knacks to display around the console and screen. Scope out if they have any action figures already, and find something to complete their collection.

18. Himalayan Salt Lamp

A glowing pink Himalayan salt lamp adds a relaxing ambiance to a game room. When things get a little too intense in the gaming competition, just glancing at the steadily glowing salt lamp keeps things chill. It also looks great when not gaming.

19. Lava Lamp

Similarly, a lava lamp creates a relaxed vibe in a game room. It’s funky, retro, and mesmerizing to look at. Whether blue, pink, or multicolored, it announces that the room is meant for fun and enjoyment.

20. Air Purifier

In a game room, especially when used for hours at a time, the air gets a little musty, stagnant, and stale. An air purifier keeps the air fresh and is especially helpful for gamers with allergies.

21. Personal Rotating Fan

Similarly, a personal rotating fan keeps the air moving in a gaming room. You can really work up a sweat gaming – even if you’re stationary – from mere adrenaline and concentration! A fan keeps things cool.

22. Hand Massager

On the hunt for unique gifts for gamers? Get them a hand massager! Hands gripping the controller for hours can get strained and cramped. A hand massager stimulates blood flow and eases stiff joints after intense gaming sessions.

23. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Does your gamer suffer from headaches or eye strain after a gaming session? Blue light blocking glasses can help when looking at a TV, computer, tablet, or phone screen. It’s a simple solution that can make a world of difference in terms of comfort!

24. Headset

A new headset is a fantastic gift for gamers who interact with friends in real time while gaming. It allows them to be heard and to hear. It’s a step up that can make an amateur gamer a pro!

25. Headphones

A pair of good quality headphones elevates the gaming experience. Games have a world of sound: background music, sound effects, dialogue – it’s like watching and participating in a movie. Sound is crucial to the experience. They will surely appreciate high quality headphones so they can immerse themselves in the world.


10 Non-Computer-Based Presents for Gamers

Looking for timeless gifts that won’t become outdated with the next wave of tech innovations? Check out these ten non-computer-based gift ideas that gamers will love.

1. Bean Bag Chair

A bean bag chair is a classic addition to a game room. Gaming is a social activity, so one chair won’t suffice. A bean bag or two makes the space inviting for fellow gamer friends to hang out comfortably. Plus, they’re just plain fun.

2. Pillow

An extra pillow is always nice to have on hand in a gaming area – whether it’s to prop their feet up, cushion their head, support their lower back, or even rest the controller in their lap. Get one that complements their gaming area: corduroy, velvet, faux fur – have fun with it! 

3. Ottoman

An ottoman functions as a footrest, a storage container (if the top lifts off), and a place to rest snacks and drinks. A total must for any gaming setup.

4. Large Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is key during a marathon gaming session! A large reusable water bottle to refill throughout the day will keep your gamer hydrated and healthy.

5. Candle

Gifts for gamers who have everything can be especially difficult to decide upon. What do you get a gamer who’s already got it all? Simple: a candle. To create a mood in a game room, a candle of their favorite scent keeps the room fresh and welcoming.

6. Essential Oils Diffuser

Like a candle, an essential oils diffuser spreads uplifting scents throughout a space. Certain oils stimulate focus or calmness. A gamer can use them to concentrate during a game or afterward to wind down.

7. Snack Tray

A snack tray to keep the snacks and drinks on a level surface is a highly useful gift for any kind of gamer. A designated place for snacks means the area is more likely to be kept tidy, too!

8. Snack Assortment

A killer snack assortment – sweet, salty, or savory – is essential for any gamer to maintain focus and energy. Can’t go wrong with food!

9. Head Massager

The best way to unwind after a long gaming session is with a massage. There are many simple head massagers on the market, including simple yet effective non-electronic handheld ones.

10. Mini Christmas Tree

Good Christmas gifts for gamers spread a little Christmas sparkle to the gaming area. A pre-lit mini Christmas tree set up next to the gaming screen will surely bring a smile to their face. Decorate it with ornaments featuring their favorite gaming characters!

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