Space Adventure Pinball

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How to Play Space Adventure Pinball

To play a ball in Space Adventure Pinball, use the down arrow key to pull the launcher back. Once you've reached your desired launcher power, release the down arrow key to let the pinball launch. From there, press the left and right arrows to use the flippers and keep the ball from falling down the center hole. The longer you keep the pinball in play, the greater your chances for a high score. To get the highest score, try to light up the "MULTI" multiplier lights at the top of the pinball field. By using the flippers, you can change which "MULTI" lights are lit to try and predict which light your pinball will hit next. With numerous multipliers, your score will increase at light speed! Go full tilt with Space Adventure Pinball online to become a true space cadet pinball wizard. Enjoy playing this virtual pinball machine!

About Space Adventure Pinball

Space Adventure Pinball is an out-of-this-world version of the classic pinball arcade game. Use your flippers to keep the ball in play and get an astronomically high score.

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