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How to Play Scramble Crossword

The Scramble Crossword game can be played anywhere at any time, but to make the most of the game, we recommend playing it on your smartphone. Whether playing on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, these tips and tricks will help you master the game.

As with most crosswords, every puzzle has a theme. You can find your puzzle's theme at the top of the screen. Once the game loads, you will immediately be directed to your first clue. Tap the letter tiles to move them to the blank cells above. Additional clues will load on your screen if it takes time to find the answer.

If you're feeling stuck, have no fear; there are many tools at your disposal to help you out, including:

  • Shuffle: Tap the shuffle button in the lower left of your screen to rearrange the word tiles on your screen – this may help reveal the answer.
  • Undo: If you placed the word tiles in the wrong order, tap the undo button on the middle right of your screen to remove the tile from the empty cells. You can also tap on individual tiles directly to remove them.
  • Zoom out: Tap the icon at the top right of your screen to zoom out. Sometimes, seeing your answers within the context of the entire puzzle can help.

If you're still stuck, all is not lost, use the following:

  • Skip button: Tap the skip button at the bottom right of the screen to move to the next clue. As you reach the end of the puzzle, you will be returned to any clues you skipped earlier in the game. You may find these clues easier to answer, as many surrounding cells have been filled in.
  • Message button: If you're playing on a text-enabled mobile device within North America, you can tap the green message icon in the top right of your screen to send the answer to your phone. Message and data rates may apply.

As you solve or skip each Scramble Crossword clue, the game will move you to the next clue – either across or down. Before you know it, you'll have completed the entire puzzle. Like any muscle, you must exercise it to keep it strong. Most seasoned puzzlers will agree that the more you play, the better you will get – don't worry about knowing all the answers or making mistakes. After a few games, you’ll get more familiar with utilizing the available letters and will be able to unscramble them with ease.

When you're ready to solve more puzzles, check out Arkadium's collection of crossword puzzles featuring several easy online crossword puzzles for beginners. If you're looking for more of a challenge, browse brain games, strategy games, and other free online games to keep you entertained. Whenever you want to play games like Scramble Crossword online, free options for various word games are always abundant on Arkadium.

About Scramble Crossword

Scramble Crossword is the perfect blend of fun and challenge for beginners and enthusiasts seeking a refreshing twist to their routine. The game seamlessly moves players from one clue to another until the puzzle is solved. Whether you're a seasoned puzzler or just starting, enjoy Scramble Crossword's imaginative clues and straightforward gameplay – sit back, relax, and exercise your brain today with Scramble Crossword puzzle.

Why play Scramble Crossword?

Scramble Crossword is a great starting point for beginners who can never get through an entire crossword puzzle. This game will guide you through each section of the puzzle with playful clues and tools to help you find the answers. It's also perfect for crossword lovers who want a change of pace. The Scramble Crossword online game keeps momentum by moving players to each subsequent clue until the puzzle is complete.

Finding fun yet simple crosswords for beginners can be a challenge. Scramble Crosswords was created with adult beginners in mind – from its imaginative clues to its gameplay that doesn't include distracting bells and whistles. Unlike some of the more advanced scramble games, this word-based game makes creating words and making connections from jumbled letters easy and accessible for beginners who just want to enjoy playing as they improve their scores.

Why do people love to play crosswords?

There are so many benefits to building a crossword-solving habit. It can provide a comforting and enjoyable structure to the daily routine, but the benefits don't stop there. Players of crossword puzzles also enjoy:

  • A sense of satisfaction: Crossword puzzles require individuals to think critically, make connections, and solve problems. Completing a crossword puzzle, especially a challenging one, gives a sense of accomplishment. The gradual filling of the grid and the satisfaction of solving tricky clues creates a positive and rewarding experience.
  • Stress relief: Despite their challenging nature, solving crosswords can be a relaxing and meditative activity for many. The difficulty level and length of each Scramble Crossword online game is well suited for taking a break. The focused attention required to solve clues can help temporarily shift your focus away from everyday stressors.
  • An expanded vocabulary: Crosswords expose players to various words and phrases, often expanding their vocabulary. Playing online crossword puzzles is a way to learn new words and reinforce existing ones. The fun and learning never end.
  • Fun on the go: Scramble Crossword, created with smartphone players in mind, is an easily accessible game that can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

Try your hand at the free Scramble Crossword game today – play for free online at