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How to Play Addiction Solitaire

- The goal of Addiction Solitaire is to arrange all of the digital cards so that all four 2s are moved to the leftmost column, with each row building up in suit to the right.
- Each of the ace cards are removed after the cards are dealt, creating a total of four blank positions.
- You will need to move one of the highlighted cards into one of the blank spaces, until each of the Addiction Solitaire cards have been arranged from a 2 to a King.
- Although one card can fill a blank position, it needs to be greater in value and the same suit as the card found to its left.
- You cannot move a card to an empty space that contains a king, or another empty space to the left.

Addiction Solitaire Tips

- Stuck? No worries! You can reshuffle the solitaire deck three times over the course of each game. But it is advised that you save them as long as possible.
- Generally, you'll want to avoid having blank slots to the right of each King.
- You'll want the ordering pace of each row to generally be the same. Finishing a row well ahead of the others creates a useless blank position.
- There is a deceiving 10-minute time limit, which many sound like a lot. But, in the battles of Addiction Solitaire, gameplay time will pass quickly.

Good luck playing this free online game!

About Addiction Solitaire

Try our newest solitaire game: a slick, free online version of Addiction Solitaire that's sure to get you... addicted! We hope you enjoy playing this free online version of Addiction Solitaire 24/7, all without getting yourself covered in green felt!

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