Block Champ Arena

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How to Play Block Champ Arena

Just like in Block Champ, your goal is to fill full vertical or horizontal lines of blocks to clear them from the board. Placing two lightning blocks in the same row or column will zap the whole line and clear it. You receive three shapes at a time and must use them all before receiving a new set.

Block Champ Arena adds other players to the mix. Clearing lines will freeze blocks on an opponent's board. Frozen blocks must be cleared twice before they disappear, unless if you zap them with lightning. Clear two or more lines at once to unleash a power attack. Clearing lines will increase your attack power and higher attack power increases the number of blocks you freeze each time you launch a power attack. Outlast your opponents to win the game.

About Block Champ Arena

Block Champ is back, now as a multiplayer 10x10 battle royale game. The rules are the same as before, but this time you have live opponents to compete with. Great for Tetris 99 fans, Block Champ Arena offers new gameplay that will entertain and excite even the most seasoned multiplayer game players. Do you have what it takes to be the Block Champion?