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What do European kings and nobles of yesteryear have in common with casual gamers today? A passion for the game of pool. In the 15th century, Billiards, a game played on a large, pocketless table with balls and cues gained popularity. As time passed, the game changed and developed into different versions, eventually becoming the game we now call Pool.

Unlike its predecessor, pool is played on smaller tables with pockets. The game quickly became a favorite activity in bars, social clubs, and homes all over the world. Many versions of the game, like 8-ball and 9-ball, were created, each with their own rules and strategies.

Pool has since made the leap to the digital world. Free online pool games allow players to enjoy the thrill of the game from the comfort of their homes. Players can play against friends or people from around the world, choosing different game modes and personalizing their virtual pool tables.

Playing pool online with friends or by yourself has its advantages. You can practice your strategy and learn new techniques without any pressure. You don't have to worry about 'hogging' the table or waiting for a table to open up. You have the freedom and time to improve your skills. Plus, with online pool, you can play anytime, anywhere, from any internet-enabled computer, smartphone, or tablet, and best of all, it's free.

How many types of pool games are there?

There are many different versions of classic pool, each with unique rules and ways of playing. Here are some of the most popular variations of the game:

  • 8-Ball: If you see people playing pool at a bar or pool hall, it's probably a game of 8 ball. This most popular variation on the game is typically played on a standard pool table with 16 balls—seven striped balls, seven solid-colored balls, one black ball (the 8-ball), and one white cue ball. To win, the players must pocket all their balls (assigned either stripes or solids) and, finally, the 8-ball.
  • 9-Ball: In 9 ball, players use nine balls numbered 1 through 9, along with a cue ball. The goal is to legally pocket the 9-ball after hitting the lowest-numbered ball on the table. The balls must be hit in numerical order.
  • Billiards: Any cue sport played on a large, pocketless table with three balls (a cue ball, a red object ball, and a white opponent's ball) is referred to as 'Billiards'. In Billiards Games, players score points by hitting the opponent's ball with their cue ball.
  • Snooker: This game is played on a large table with pockets and 22 balls – 15 red balls, six balls of different colors, and one white cue ball. The goal of Snooker is to score points by potting red balls followed by colored balls in a specific sequence. This variation of pool requires precise control and strategic positioning.

Where to play free online pool games with no downloads

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