Celebrate the Planet: Play an Earth Day Online Game  

The list of concerns about the Earth’s integrity seems to grow longer every year. These factors will likely be at the forefront of Earth Day observances later this month. Celebrating the earth has become more critical than ever. This year, as in the past, organizations will participate in various green initiatives to help sustain the planet. Education is vital to this and can help ensure future generations don’t repeat the same mistakes. 

Getting kids involved usually works by doing activities familiar to them, such as playing an Earth Day online game. It’s an activity they can enjoy while learning more about conservation efforts. They’ll also be more likely to want to participate in community events. Learn more about how virtual Earth Day games can further champion the cause 

Celebrate our beautiful planet with Earth Day themed games

What is Earth Day?  

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. Its observance was the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson. He wanted to highlight environmental issues as a part of the national agenda. 4 In 1970 he organized a national demonstration to raise awareness. It proved effective and resulted in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by the end of that year.  

Since then, Earth Day celebrations have continued to honor the achievements of the environmental movement. The day also educates and raises awareness about the importance of protecting the Earth. The success of this can significantly impact future generations.  

These activities often include:  

  • Distributing seedlings  
  • Planting trees  
  • Cleaning up neighborhoods and beaches  
  • Making Earth Day resolutions  
  • Donating to environmental causes  

Companies can use their products and services to highlight the importance of the day. Some examples include:  

YouTube’s Non-Fungible Planet brought content creators together to highlight one-of-a-kind locations across the globe.  

Last year, BMW featured its all-electric car and Wrangler to introduce its ‘Earth Day Jean,’ an item of clothing made from “organic cotton and with eco-friendly finishes.”  

Gaming companies also got in on the act. They created a series of Earth Day virtual games. Most highlight environmental issues, allowing users to learn more while having fun. 


The 7 Best Earth Day Games  

The great thing about getting kids involved in an Earth Day game is that they can enjoy them indoors or outdoors.  

Outdoor games can include scavenger hunts where kids find items to help the Earth. Or you can simply put an Earth Day spin on any traditional outdoor game, including: 

You can also consider activities such as flower pot painting or an art project. Both can involve using elements from nature. 

However, it may take some time to think of age-appropriate games. You'll also need to consider how hot it is outdoors and how this impacts the children. If you prefer an indoor experience, try an Earth Day interactive game.  

There are many Earth Day computer games. Many are available through online gaming platforms. Here are a few Arkadium's Earth Day digital games the entire family can enjoy. 

  1. Earth Day Mahjong

Arkadium has over 10 versions of mahjong. Each has unique features that make playing extremely entertaining. It’s, therefore, no surprise that there’s also an Earth-day-themed mahjong game.  

Arkadium created Earth Day Mahjong to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. It still has all the elements of the Mahjong Solitaire you know and love. The difference is the images depicted on the tiles. They illustrate the beauty of nature, each a reminder to protect the planet.  

As with traditional mahjong, you simply pair available blocks with the same symbol. Each pair must have at least one free side, either on the left or right, for you to select it. The goal is to match all the pairs until you clear the board.  

It may sound easy, but it is trickier than you might think. Even if you have to try repeatedly, you’ll enjoy the beautiful images of nature as you play 

  1. Mahjongg Toy Chest

Why not use one of these online games as a reminder to keep our own environments clean? Mahjongg Toy Chest is one of the many variations of the traditional game that Arkadium offers.  

This particular version doesn’t have an Earth Day theme. However, you can use it to reinforce the concept of cleaning up after oneself. The game gives five minutes to clean up all the toys in the playroom.  

It highlights the importance of keeping the home environment clean and tidy. It's a reminder of how essential it is to keep the environment clean as well. Organize a challenge with friends and family to collect as much garbage on a beach in a specific time. Make it just as fun as clearing the tiles in a game of Mahjongg Toy Chest. 

  1. Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle can be a fun challenge, but you can only build traditional ones in one location. It can also be frustrating to find out you’ve lost a few pieces, so you can’t finish building the puzzle.  

Arkadium’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle eliminates this frustration. The spring version will also have some beautiful Earth Day themes. You can enjoy fitting all the pieces together and appreciate the completed image. Even better, you can create a new image by playing every day. 

  1. Daily Crossword Puzzle

When you play online earth games, crosswords probably come to mind. Arkadium’s Daily Crossword Puzzle presents an exciting challenge for players every day. Undoubtedly, many Earth Day themes will lead up to the event. What better way to learn more about Earth Day?  

Crosswords entail figuring out the correct word that answers a specific clue. Although it’s a simple act, it provides many benefits. Doing daily crosswords can 

  • Enhance your memory  
  • Improve your vocabulary  
  • Boost your mood 

Imagine experiencing all this while learning about the Earth! Some of the crosswords are sure to include terms about the Earth, natural resources, and the environment! 

  1. Coloring Book for Grown Ups

The kids don’t have to have all the fun this Earth Day. Arkadium has created games that each member of the family can enjoy. Do you have adults in the family who want to play earth games that are on the more relaxing side? Arkadium’s Coloring Book for Grown-Ups is the perfect option.  

Over 10 categories of pictures feature various themes, including animals and seasonal ones. It’s a great way to relax on Earth Day while adding colors to beautiful images depicting nature. Coloring can be a creative outlet that helps you focus while enjoying the world's beauty.  

Choose the color palette that suits you and experiment with various designs. You can also start over if you want a new theme or color. There’s no time limit, so you can immerse yourself in the creative process. 

  1. Flower Garden 2

Arkadium has a few games that involve finding hidden objects, and Flower Garden 2 is one of them. This game involves finding letters of the alphabet within a specific time. However, you get to do it among beautiful gardens of flowers — another great way to celebrate nature and Earth Day.  

You’ll need to find the 26 letters of the alphabet, all hidden throughout the garden. You click on a letter to remove it, but any wrong moves will subtract five seconds from the clock. The game makes it easy to maneuver by clicking and holding to zoom in and out. It’s an excellent way for the entire family to test their skills. 

  1. Family Feud

Love the television game show with the same name? Arkadium’s Family Feud is a replica that you can enjoy playing in the comfort of your home and have as much fun as possible!  

The goal is to come up with the top answer (from multiple ones) to each question. That will give you the most points. The top answers are the ones selected most by survey respondents.  

You’ll start with three timed rounds, during which you must guess the top answers. The player with the most points wins Family Feud and moves on to the “Fast Money” round, where they can earn even more points. 

 “Fast Money’s” format is similar to the first three rounds but includes five questions. Each question has a different topic, and the player is only allowed one guess. The player generates points for each correct answer. If the answers are worth more than 100 points combined, the player wins 500 bonus points.  

It’s a game for the whole family and a great way to test your knowledge. Arkadium adds new questions and answers regularly. There’ll probably be a few on Earth Day as well! The only way to know is to play to find out and test your knowledge. 


Celebrate Earth Day with Arkadium  

You can’t help but feel the urge to do your part on Earth Day. It becomes even more pertinent when organizations become involved. Getting the Earth to a better place may seem like an arduous task, but even small efforts can help. You can contribute by supporting companies that promote eco-friendly initiatives.  

You can help by playing an Earth Day online game. You won’t need to purchase nonbiodegradable gaming equipment when playing Arkadium's games. You also won’t be generating hours of electricity leading to carbon emissions like gaming consoles do.  

Earth games online are also fun, with so many to choose from. Whether you like challenging crossword puzzles, sudoku, free mahjong games, or traditional arcade games, you’ll find the perfect game among Arkadium’s selection. Check them out today, and let the fun begin! 

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