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Free Web Sudoku Puzzles

Have a fun break playing our free web sudoku puzzles!

Sudoku Overview

You’ve surely played this newspaper staple. Our free web sudoku puzzles follow in the same tradition, enabling you to play Sudoku 24/7! From easy to medium to hard puzzles, we have you covered with our comprehensive collection of best-in-class online sudoku puzzles. Best of all, our free sudoku puzzles are updated on a daily basis, so you can come back for a daily brainteasing challenge!

How to Play Sudoku

Sudoku is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Here are some tips and strategies to get any beginner started:

-Sudoku is usually played on a 9×9 grid. Each space needs to be filled with the numbers 1-9. The challenge lies in not repeating any numbers with the row, column or square.
-Easy sudoku puzzles have more numbers added to the grid, making it easier to solve the challenge.
-Numbers aside, Sudoku really isn’t a math game. Rather, it’s based on logic, so guessing won’t get you very far. In fact, each Sudoku puzzle has only a single solution.
-Patience is key to Sudoku! If you get stuck or need to take a break, our puzzles will automatically save so you can return right where you left off.

Interesting Sudoku Facts

-The name ‘Sudoku’ is not arbitrary. Rather, it’s routed in two Japanese words: “su” means “number,” while “doku” means “single.” Interestingly enough, the Japanese do not call the game “Sudoku.” Rather, they call it by the name the creator gave it: “Number Place.”
-There’s an annual World Sudoku Championship. The first one was held in 2006 in Italy, and it’s since been held in different locations.
-Studies have shown that Sudoku can have positive impact on one’s health, and can even help prevent or ease depression while sharpening focus.
-The year following Sudoku’s rapid growth in popularity saw a whopping 700 percent increase in pencil sales!
-Since 1980, Sudoku is the only game to become as popular as it is today.
-Sudoku is one of our most popular games with fans all over the world!