The Best Grandparent Gifts: A Holiday Shopping Guide

Grandparents are known to shower grandchildren with love. So it’s nice to reciprocate
that love by giving them some thoughtful gifts for the holidays. Not sure what to get
your grandmother or grandfather for Christmas? Every grandparent is different, but
we’ve compiled some well-loved grandparent's gift ideas that show you value their
company. These gifts will bring them comfort and joy during the season of giving.

Grandparent Gifts for Christmas

There is always magic in the air on Christmas; maybe it’s the snow, the time with
family, or the collective focus on unity, peace, and coziness. Every moment and memory
with grandparents should be cherished. Christmas is an opportunity to slow down,
reminisce, laugh, and make more memories together.
Certain gifts for grandparents can help you do that. Other gifts can simply be admired
and act as a reminder of you whenever they see it. Grandparents deserve to be given
special gifts because they are matriarchs and patriarchs; they deserve all the love and
respect in the world.

20 Best Grandparent Gifts

Which of these 20 fun gifts for grandparents sounds like a good fit for your loved one?

1. Slippers
Slippers are quite possibly the world’s comfiest shoes. Indoor/outdoor slippers with
non-slip soles and plush interiors are the most practical option for both grandfathers
and grandmothers. They are perfect for wearing around the house, getting the mail, and
even gardening. Pick their favorite color and style, like red flannel or fluffy white

2. Charcuterie Board
A good quality charcuterie board is always a classy gift. And it’s fun to use when you
visit your grandparent: fill it with the traditional cheese, meat, crackers spread, fruit, or
your snack of choice. A charcuterie board is a fun way to make everyday snacking feel
gourmet – even if it’s just full of candy!

3. Local Art
Buying local art is a great way to support the small businesses and artisans in your area
and a unique way to decorate a home. Make a day of it: take your grandparent to a
farmer’s market or craft fair and pick something together to hang on the wall. Choose
something that complements their interior design or features a subject matter they love.

4. A Watch
A nice watch is a very special gift from a grandchild to a grandparent. It’s – pun not
intended – timeless. It’s classy. It’s personal and practical. Choose a leather or metallic
strap, and find one within your budget. Some watches are designed to be worn with a
suit; others are for everyday use. Pick what your grandparent is most likely to like and

5. Card Games
Playing card games is an excellent way to bond between grandparent and grandchild.
Whether it’s an old classic or a new game to learn together, pick one that caters to their
skill set. Strategizing? Counting? Bluffing? There are so many creative card games on the
market in addition to the classic deck of 52 playing cards. Find a new favorite to play

6. A Book You Know They’d Love
Does your grandparent need a new book to read or to display on their coffee table? Do
they prefer mystery, memoir, or maybe poetry? Perhaps you read together – in which
case, get them one that you can read at the same time!

7. Special Mug
A special mug for your grandparent’s favorite warm beverage is sure to bring a smile to
their face. Holding a warm mug is the closest you can get to a hug when you’re
separated by distance. Give a grandparent-themed mug or a mug with a silly saying on

8. Fancy Magnifying Glass
Let’s face it: as we grow older, our eyes aren’t what they used to be. Grandparents know
this all too well. Instead of a boring office magnifying glass, get them a specialty one
that’s fun to use. Perhaps the handle or the glass is in a unique shape. Or it’s engraved
with a special message from you.

9. Floral Arrangement
Real or artificial, seasonal or multiseason – a floral arrangement is always a welcome
gift to brighten a grandparent’s home. If they have allergies, an artificial bouquet is
perfect. Arrange it yourself with stems and flowers, or consult a professional.

10. Professional Massage or Handheld Massager
A massage can turn an entire day around. It stimulates blood flow and is a healthy habit
that relaxes the body and mind – for all ages. Whether it’s a professional massage you
can do together or a handheld device to help them ease their muscles any time they
please, give your grandparent the gift of relaxation this holiday season.

11. A Weekend Getaway
Give the gift of a couple of nights away for a change of scenery. Whether it’s a
beachside hotel or a local bed and breakfast, the adventurous grandparent will
appreciate the chance to switch up their routine. Pick a location you know they love,
and join them if you can!

12. Baked Goods or Candy
A box full of baked goods, chocolates, or candy is always a delight to receive. As many
cookies as Grandma has supplied you over the years, return the favor with a new
delicious pastry or treat. (Just be mindful of dietary restrictions or tooth sensitivities.)

13. Drink of Choice
Gin or bourbon? Mulled wine or eggnog? A nice bottle of their drink of choice is a
wonderful stocking stuffer for adult grandchildren to their grandparents. It warms the
soul and the body to sip something fireside on Christmas Eve.

14. Tea or Coffee
If tea or coffee is more your grandparent’s thing, indulge their tastes with a hefty supply
of the good stuff! Perhaps you’ve stumbled across a new flavor you think they’ll love.
Or, help them stock up on their favorite, so they’ll think of you every time they pour
themselves a cup.

15. Magazine Subscription
There’s a distinct leisurely pleasure in flipping through a magazine. For Christmas,
consider paying for your grandparent’s favorite magazine subscription for the next year.
Or get them a new one to fuel their favorite hobby or aesthetic. Architecture, fashion,
cars, deep space – there’s a magazine for everything.

16. TV Subscription
Similarly, a TV subscription is an excellent gift idea for grandparents – whether it’s to
expand their cable package to give them access to more shows, news, and movies – or a
streaming service to let them watch new content at their leisure. Find a show to binge
together to keep you connected even if you live far apart.

17. Birdhouse or Bird Feeder
There’s something so satisfying and peaceful about watching birds out the window.
Gifting a birdhouse or bird feeder is a great option, especially if your grandparent has
low mobility. Watching the squirrels and birds compete for seeds or witnessing a family
of bluebirds making their home in a birdhouse provides endless entertainment.

18. Candles
A lovely candle, or set of candles, brings warmth and lovely aromas to a room. Scent
associations are powerful, and the candle will remind your grandparent of you
whenever they light it. A holiday scent like evergreen or cranberry is a universally loved
scent. Soy blends, wooden wicks, tea lights, taper candles, a three-wick big glass jar –
there are so many varieties!

19. Fun Wall Sign
A fun wall hanging, like “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere” by the kitchen bar, or simply a
“Welcome” sign, adds warmth and personality to the home. Relate it to the season, or
choose a wall hanging that lays out the “Rules of the House” in a lighthearted way.
Choose one that’s reflective of your grandparent’s sense of humor.

20. Potted Plant
A potted plant to rest on the windowsill brings a touch of life to any room. The
Christmas cactus is an excellent choice for the holidays because it blooms around
Christmas Time! If your grandparent has the opposite of a green thumb, opt for a
low-maintenance plant, like a succulent.

Thoughtful Gifts for Grandparents

Often, the best grandparent gifts are simple and personal. Here are ten sentimental gifts
that are sure to be treasured.

1. Picture in a Picture Frame
You can’t go wrong with a classic: give a framed photo of the two of you together.
Wood or black frames go with everything. Choose a simple and classic frame for a
professional photo or a fun grandparent-themed frame for a casual or silly photo.

2. Homemade Photo Album
If you like getting crafty, put together a photo album with a collection of photos for
your grandparent. Choose a theme for the album, like photos of you from your
childhood. Leave some pages blank at the end so they can add to it!

3. Handprints in Clay
Handprints in clay, along with your name and date, cements a moment in time. This is
an enjoyable activity for young grandchildren to do for their grandparents – or with
them. Imprint your hands together!

4. Journal (Blank or Guided)
Grandparents have many memories to share, and writing them down in a journal is the
best way to do it. A written record means you can reflect on it. A blank journal (lined
or not) provides ultimate creative freedom. A guided journal provides prompts for
topics of reflection – some tailored especially to grandparents, as advice to the younger

5. A Fancy Meal Out
Whether it’s a bottomless brunch or a steak dinner, going out to eat together is the gift
of quality time, nourishment, and just plain fun! It means your grandparent won’t have
to do the work of meal preparation and kitchen clean up, and they can take home
leftovers. Choose their favorite place or try a new one together.

6. A Home Cooked Meal
As an alternative to eating a fancy meal out, cook your grandparent a meal. Home
cooking is a very loving gesture and perfect if they’re not into material things. Cook
their favorite family recipe, breakfast for dinner, or a seafood feast.

7. Music
Music jogs the memory and calms the spirit. It is inspirational, uplifting, and
therapeutic. It can breathe life back into someone feeling down, and the right music
makes everyone feel young. Get your grandparent music in the form of their choice:
CD, digital download, audio subscription, or even cassette tape. Choose some oldies, a
soundtrack to their favorite movie, or new tunes you think they’d love.

8. Framed Family Tree
Do some genealogy research and print out the family tree. Go back as far as you can go!
Again, this is a fun project for grandchildren and grandparents to work on together –
though it can certainly take some time. But for a simple family tree, you can easily fill in
a tree template with names, print it out, and frame it by Christmas.

9. Pet Related Gift
Does your grandparent have a beloved pet? Get them a pet-themed Christmas tree
ornament, a new dog bed, or a cat toy. All pet owners know that a pet’s joy translates
to a human’s joy. After all, pets are fur babies – they are part of the family.

10. Manicure or Pedicure
A professional manicure or pedicure is not only fun, it’s a tender act of self-care that
you are providing. Gentle attention to their hands and feet will make them feel fresh,
renewed, and, most importantly, cared for. (Grandfathers, too!)

Tech Gifts For Grandparents

Do you have tech-savvy grandparents? Or perhaps you want to help your grandparent
become more comfortable with all the convenience, connection, and entertainment that
technology offers. Here are some tech gifts to get grandparents.

Digital Photo Frame
A digital photo frame is a picture frame that showcases a rotating sequence of photos
inside a single frame. Your grandparent will love watching the photo change every few
seconds, reminiscing upon the memories cycling before them. Not only is it a fun
addition to any room, it’s also a great conversation starter for houseguests.

iPad or Tablet
A tablet or iPad offers the same general uses as a computer or smartphone, but in a
“Goldilocks” size: not too big, not too small – just right. Your grandparent can use this
portable device to play games, take photos, check email, video chat with you, and more!

Large Monitor Computer Screen
When it comes to useful gifts for grandparents, a large monitor is very helpful.
Sometimes the font is so small on some screens that it becomes impractical to use. A
large monitor allows them to play games and do anything they normally do on a
computer screen, but without eye strain.

Ergonomically Designed Mouse
Sometimes, an overly sensitive touchpad on a laptop is just not easy to use for
grandparents. An ergonomically designed mouse, on the other hand, is simple. Whether
they use the computer for business or play Arkadium games, spending hours online is
all too easy. An ergonomically designed mouse helps keep hands supported and
comfortable even after hours of use.

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