The Los Angeles Times is a publishing powerhouse with a daily print readership of 1.5 million, with 22 million monthly unique Web visitors (  With over 130 years of reporting, 41 Pulitzer Prizes, and the nation’s 4th largest weekday circulation, the paper has certainly earned its success.


The publisher’s digital team was interested in a user engagement solution that could provide them with a new outlet to serve their ad inventory while maintaining editorial consistency.  Recognizing the role casual games and snackable content plays in meeting these objectives, they partnered with Arkadium to launch a customized Arena of games and fun interactive content (



Pageviews, 92% from Returning Visitors



Pre-Roll Completion Rate

The Los Angeles Times’ Arena Pre-Roll Videos Get Millions of Monthly Completions


Complete with a wide selection of editorially consistent newspaper staples such as Daily Crosswords, Quizzes, and Sudoku, their digital site easily converts their online readers to players.  A testament to the interactive content’s popularity, the digital team delivers millions of Arena driven pre-roll ads every month.  Even more telling is the fact that these ads have an extremely high completion rate of 97.81%, well above the industry standard.

The Arena’s engaging content has also helped the paper create incredible numbers of repeat visitors: their Daily Crossword game alone has garnered over 27 million page views, 92% of which are from returning visitors.

With Arkadium’s Arena, the Los Angeles Times has built a destination portal that draws huge volumes of traffic, delivers user engagement in a fun environment, and drives significant revenue by serving millions of high-CPM pre-roll video ads.

"Given the ever-rising popularity of casual games and other engaging content, Arkadium’s Arena allows us to further engage our users and entice players to visit our site throughout the day."

Jennifer Collins

Vice President, Digital Revenue