Tripeaks Solitaire tips include exhausting all possible moves before drawing a card from the stock pile, as depicted in this photo.

You’ve come close to the top several times but still can't conquer the summit. If you want to master this fun but challenging game, use our Tripeaks Solitaire tips. Let’s start with a quick recap of Tripeaks Solitaire rules.

Tripeaks Solitaire Gameplay

Tripeaks uses a 52-card deck without the jokers. To win the game, follow the rules below to clear the three-peaks layout:

Layout. The layout consists of four parts:

  • The three peaks structure: a line of three triangles, each containing six face-down cards, joined together by a final layer of 10 face-up cards.

  • The stock: the remaining 24 cards make the draw pile. It is placed face down.

  • The base card: a face-up card that is drawn from the stock to begin a new numerical sequence.

  • The chain: a line of fanned-out, face-up cards. For those who are familiar with other variations of Solitaire, this chain functions as both the waste pile and the foundation pile.

Goal. To win Tripeaks Solitaire, clear the cards from the layout. The draw pile doesn’t have to be cleared to win the game.

Gameplay. Once the layout is complete, draw from the top of the stock and place the card next to it and facing upward. This is the base card, and it establishes the final destination for all the cards on the layout. It also determines the number value from which you will build the chain. Then, the game begins:

  • Pulling from the playable cards on the layout, continue the numerical sequence on the waste pile.
  • A card can be played if its numerical value is either one rank higher or lower than the base card, regardless of its suit and color. These cards should fan out to expose the face value of each individual card.
  • When there are no more moves, draw a new base card from the stock and place it onto the existing chain to begin a new sequence. Once a base card is played, revert back to relying solely on the layout to build the chain. You’ll probably repeat this process many times within one game.

When you have exhausted the stock pile and no available moves remain to continue the chain or clear the peaks, the game is over. You might not win every game, but we’ve got some tips to tip the odds in your favor.

Tripeaks Solitaire Tips

You might think Tripeaks is an easy game to play, but you’ll be surprised at how much strategy and skill you’ll need to win.

Don’t Click Too Fast

We’ve all done it, clicked too quickly and immediately regretted it. If you’re playing online, be intentional about the pace at which you play. Being too quick to click might make you miss a key move.

Think About Going Up or Down

When you first start the game, look carefully at the bottom row of face-up cards. See how many you can immediately use to create a chain from the base card. Remember, each decision you make creates a potential chain while discarding others. Choose wisely.

Don’t Save Cards

Solitaire enthusiasts have their favorite strategies for winning games, but not all of them apply to this particular variant. In Tripeaks, saving cards to play them later is a fatal move since you can only go through the stock pile once. As soon as you draw the last card and the peaks remain, the game is lost.

Weigh Multiple Cards

Because you can play cards of any suit to the base card / waste pile, it’s inevitable that multiple cards of the same value will be available to choose from. When choosing between multiple cards of the same value, select the one that opens up the most number of cards beneath them.

Play Kings and Aces with Caution

Kings and aces only afford you one way to play - up or down. You cannot create a chain of cards of lower rank once you play an ace, and vice versa for the king.

Playing an ace means you have to find a two to continue the chain. If there are no immediate cards with a value of two from the peaks, you will be forced to draw from the pile and restart the chain. Therefore, it is best to explore other moves that create a longer chain (and use up more cards from the peaks) before playing kings or aces to the waste pile.

Take a Hint

Tripeaks Solitaire is deceptively easy to learn, making it easy to miss important moves as well. If you feel like you’re missing something but can’t pinpoint what it is, press the ‘hint’ button and adjust your strategy.

Use the Undo Button

If your game has an undo button, don’t feel shy about using it. However, try to strategize first and compare the outcome after undoing your last move.

Find the Best Card

The best card isn’t often the one that immediately builds the chain. Oftentimes, the best card is the one that brings the most number of cards into play.

Restart the Game

Often, you will find that you are within a few cards of clearing the peaks before running out of moves. You may undo your moves, but if you find yourself in a rut, take a deep breath and restart the game.

Enjoy Playing

Tripeaks Solitaire is meant to be enjoyed not only at the moment of winning but also in the act of playing. The more relaxed you are, the less likely you’ll miss important moves that could cost you the game.

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