If you’re up for a new challenge, this game is for you. Mahjongg Solitaire is a modern variation of an Eastern tile-based game. The goal in Mahjongg is to clear tiles from a pyramid formation by matching like tiles. When it comes to strategy, this game requires you to think both horizontally and vertically.

This guide outlines how the game works and provides you with a few strategies that will have you absolutely hooked. Let’s start with Mahjongg Solitaire’s gameplay.

Mahjongg Solitaire Gameplay

Mahjongg is Solitaire with a twist. Rather than hearts and spades, the suits in Mahjongg are symbols and images related to Eastern Asian cultures. And instead of a deck of cards, you’ll need 144 tiles.

The tiles are stacked in various formations, sometimes referred to as the pyramid or the turtle. Then, you attempt to remove all of the tiles from the formation by matching tiles of the same suit.

Mahjongg Solitaire strategy has you thinking both horizontally and vertically.

A matching game should be straightforward, but this is where Mahjongg Solitaire takes it up a notch. Here are the gameplay basics:
Match identical tiles of the same suit. There are seven suits: Wans, Circles, Bamboos, Winds, Dragons, Flowers, and Seasons. Wans have the lowest points (2) and Seasons have the highest (14).

  • The Flowers and Seasons are special tiles that can be matched with non-identical tiles within their own suit. There are no identical tiles within these two suits.
  • Only free tiles can be matched and removed. A tile is free when two things are true: at least one side is open or not boxed in by other tiles, and there are no tiles on top of it.
  • Once matched, the tiles are removed, exposing the tiles below and bringing them into play.
  • The game ends once all tiles are cleared from the table or if there are no more moves left.

This quick video tutorial shows you how to play Mahjongg Solitaire:

How to Play Mahjong tutorial video.

Mahjongg Solitaire Strategy

These strategies will help you play Mahjongg Solitaire:

Attack Top Layers

The Mahjongg Solitaire pyramid is constructed in layers. The bottom layer has the most tiles, and each additional layer contains fewer and fewer tiles, giving the layout a pyramid-like shape. Attacking the top of the pyramid will free up tiles underneath them, opening up possible matches even faster.

Attack The Corners

Tiles can’t move unless both their right and left sides are free. Attacking the corners brings more tiles into play. The more tiles you have in play, the more opportunities you have to make matches.

Match Wisely

Prioritize matches that free up the most tiles. Don’t just go for the first pair you see. Think vertically and horizontally. Mahjongg Solitaire ends when you run out of possible moves, so match your pairs wisely.

Look for Options

When three identical tiles of the same suit are free, choose the option that creates more moves or frees up ideal tiles. Prioritize removing the topmost layer from the pyramid.

Leave It Until You Need It

In Mahjongg, timing matters. Removing tiles in certain sequences can increase your playing opportunities. On the flip side, other sequences can limit your opportunities or can even leave you with no more moves—game over. This means that you’ll need to think through different sequences to see what move will either free up the most tiles or open up additional moves. It also means that you’ll sometimes need to be conservative and leave a good match until you need it.

Take a Hint

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, sometimes you just get stuck. If you’re certain that there are no more moves and you’re ready to call it quits, use the Hint button to see if there is anything you can do to keep the game going.


Mahjongg Solitaire is a fun variation that introduces new challenges to seasoned Solitaire and Mahjongg players alike. It requires you to think not only horizontally but vertically, to plan ahead, and to analyze the best moves possible. Try these Mahjongg Solitaire strategies and see how well they improve your score in your next game.

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