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How to Play Flip Out

If you've played Memory, Concentration, Match Up, or any other matching game, you know how to play Flip Out. The difference is Flip Out is a free online game that adds a couple twists. For example, Flip Out will sometimes ask you to match tiles of the same theme rather than exact pairs. Simply select two tiles to flip over at a time. If they're a match, they'll disappear. Clear tiles marked by sparkling stars to receive a bonus multiplier for the rest of the game. Find matches quickly to score as many points as possible in this addictively simple free online game.

About Flip Out

Flip Out is a free online game that's full of unique twists on a simple memory matching game. Just flip over cards -hence the name Flip Out- to find each match before the time runs out. You'll FLIP over the quirky pairings and funky cards.

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