InHabit Shatters Industry Norms with 6.5% Engagement Rate

Arkadium’s AI-powered ad unit combines relevance, scale and distribution to produce outsized results

New York – November 16, 2018 – Arkadium (, the company innovating visual, interactive content for more than 500 of the world’s leading publishers, today announced that its AI-powered interactive content product, InHabit, is now available to advertisers. InHabit’s branded content units deliver unparalleled scale and performance compared to traditional display ad formats.

“From ad blockers to banner blindness to viewability, display just doesn’t work anymore,” said Jessica Rovello, CEO & Co-Founder, Arkadium. “That’s why we set out to build something that would benefit advertisers, publishers and most of all end users.”

Enter InHabit. In a recent campaign with DXL, the globally recognized men’s apparel retailer, InHabit garnered an engagement rate of 6.5%, with a dwell time of 21.6 seconds. Over six percent of the users who engaged the unit also clicked through to Most importantly, over 90% of InHabit engagements were in-target, falling within DXL’s core demographic of US-based men between 18-50.

“InHabit’s performance is the highest in the industry,” said Kenny Rosenblatt, President & Co-Founder, Arkadium. “We are bringing brands levels of engagement never seen before because the content is additive and interactive — not disruptive or detracting. It totally eclipses display and is above and beyond anything in branded content today. We are excited to deliver this technology to advertisers and believe it can fundamentally change how they approach, evaluate and invest in digital.”

InHabit drives brand awareness and unprecedented audience engagement at scale. Its patent-pending technology reads any article and automatically inserts a relevant interactive editorial unit designed to engage the reader and extend the article it appears on. The dynamic editorial units – called “factives” – are conceived and written by Arkadium’s in-house editorial staff and use artificial intelligence to populate with contextual content. Each unit can serve potentially infinite variations of data and experiences.

InHabit is currently available to sports publishers and advertisers that target sports audiences. InHabit branded content units are currently live across Arkadium’s network of premium publishing partners, including the Associated Press (professional football, college football and college basketball coverage) and USA Today Sports Media Group. Arkadium’s network of sports publishers is currently one of the largest in the US, reaching 70 million US-based sports fans.

“We initially introduced Inhabit to publishers to help them ramp up engagement on-site,” added Rosenblatt. “Their success with the technology allowed us to build one of the largest networks of branded content inventory — with premium publishers — in the US, creating a massive opportunity for advertisers.”

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