Drop Dunks

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How to play

How to Play Drop Dunks

Like all of your favorite Arkadium games, Drop Dunks is easy to learn and play, but difficult to master.

The goal of this free online game is to score as many baskets as possible using the white platform to bounce the basketball through either hoop. To get started, click anywhere on the game and hold your click - you'll need to be prepared to move the white platform under the dual arrows with your mouse. If the ball misses the platform another one will quickly drop. You can only miss the basketball three times, at which point the game will be over.

As you advance you'll also want to collect stars, which you can capture if the basketball touches them.

See how many baskets and points you can rack up in Drop Dunks, a challenging hyper-casual game!

About Drop Dunks

Your favorite arcade games collide in Drop Dunks, where your goal is to sink as many baskets as possible. Rack up stars for extra points!