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How to Play Slots Hollywood Dreams

Slots Hollywood Dreams functions like any traditional casino slots; simply place your bets and spin. Start your Hollywood story today–play free slots as much as you want!

About Free Slot Games Hollywood Dreams

Slots Hollywood Dreams delivers all the glitz, glamor and big wins that you'd expect from Hollywood life. Explore a virtual Hollywood casino with our free online slot machines that feature paparazzi, an award show and shining stars!

Fun Facts About Slot Machines

- Did you know that slot machines account for 70% of the average US casino's income?
- Slot machines are called "fruit machines" in Britain due to the traditional fruit images on the spinning reels
- In 1891, the first slot machines used real playing cards and dealt poker hands to players
- Early slot machines were sometimes called "one-armed bandits" due to the existence of pull lever and high odds of a player loss
- Surprisingly, slot machines do not count the number of jackpots they've awarded players; this variable does not influence the frequency of payouts in any way!
- Some slot machines have jackpots that increase over time and their payouts have surpassed multiple millions of dollars
- Modern slot machines have over 1200 components whereas the first slot machine only had four
- Online and traditional slots work the same way; a random number generator delivers unique outcomes for each spin
- Today, most physical slot machines are entirely computerized, but you can still find some mechanical machines at many casinos