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How to Play FreeCell Solitaire

What separates FreeCell Solitaire from other solitaire card games is the four free cells in the top left. You can move cards to and from the free cells at any time as needed, but you can't stack cards there. If you need a refresher on solitaire rules, check out the "Help" section in the in-game menu.

Click or tap to select a FreeCell solitaire card. From there, you can either drag it or simply click/tap on where you want to place it. You can also double click/tap eligible FreeCell cards to send them directly to their respective foundation pile in the top right.

FreeCell Solitaire Tips

  • Review the tableau and the cards that were dealt before making your move. You need to think strategically and, like in Chess, think several steps ahead.
  • Your first few moves should be small and should not require moving cards to a freecell, or require a card to be in a freecell.
  • If you are able, fill an empty column with a descending, long card sequence that starts with a King.
  • An early goal should be to free up a column, which will generally increase your chance of winning the solitaire game.
  • Use the free cells to your advantage. They allow you to store cards that get in the way of the actual game play.

Good luck playing this free online version of FreeCell Solitaire!

About FreeCell Solitaire

Freecell Solitaire is a unique member of the Solitaire family, in that all the cards are dealt face-up, and nearly every deal can be solved! We hope you enjoy playing this free online version of Freecell Solitaire 24/7, all without getting yourself covered in green felt!

FreeCell Solitaire Fun Facts

  • Most Freecell Solitaire deals can be won (usually around 85 percent), while the success rate across other Solitaire games is generally less than 50 percent!
  • A precursor to Freecell Solitaire is a card game called Eight Off. The Freecell Solitaire game you've come to recognize was built by Paul Alfille in 1978 for the PLATOR education computer system.
  • Microsoft has included Freecell Solitaire on every release of Windows since 1995, helping significantly increase the card game's popularity across the world.