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Do you love solving intricate puzzles? Then you are in the right place!


Our collection of free online jigsaw puzzles and games range from easy to hard and can be played by both kids and adults! For example, check out our popular Daily Jigsaw game, a classic jigsaw puzzle in which you can choose your preferred difficulty. And, as the name suggests, there is a new challenge each and every day.


Fun fact: did you know the first jigsaw puzzles were actually maps? In the 1760’s European mapmakers adhered their maps to stiff backings, and then cut them into many different pieces.


For an original puzzle game, give Trizzle a try! Trizzle is one of our most popular free games, and very easy to play. Simply slide rows or columns of Russian nesting dolls to line up three of the same color and size. The more you match, the higher you score! Or start your day with a sudoku challenge – we have everything from Sudoku to MathDoku, a KenKen type puzzle that adds a fun twist to the classic sudoku game. So no matter what type of puzzle games you like, our collection has you covered!