Landing Party

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How to play

How to Play Landing Party

Like all of your favorite Arkadium games, Landing Party is easy to learn and play, but difficult to master.

The goal of this free online game is to move and match five aliens of the same color, which will make them teleport back home. To do so simply click on the alien you want to move, and then click on the square you wish to move it to. Do note aliens can't move through each other, adding another challenging layer to the game!

After you move the alien three new ones will teleport to the game where the 'portals', represented by circles, are shown. However, if you are able to match five aliens of the same color new ones will not teleport to the game!

About Landing Party

These aliens may look cute and innocent enough, but they’re invading our planet! Teleport them home by matching 5 of the same color before they take over the game!

Enjoy playing this fun and relaxing brain training game!