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How to play

How to Play Backgammon

Trying to learn the rules of backgammon? It’s easy! A pair of players take turns moving their checker pieces around the backgammon board, as determined by a roll of the dice. You win the game when you move all your checkers around the board and remove them from the game. The first player to “bear off” all their pieces wins the backgammon game.

To begin, both players roll a die to determine who goes first. Players then alternate turns, each rolling the pair of dice to start a new turn. Backgammon checkers are then moved one at a time, according to the number of the dice roll. The objective here is to move all checkers toward the No. 1 point. Your opponent will attempt to do the opposite. Your points labeled 1 through 6 make up your “home” board. If a backgammon checker move is available, you must make one. Valid moves include moving a checker that is unoccupied, occupied by your own checker pieces, or occupied by exactly one checker piece that belongs to your opponent.

Backgammon Strategy

In some instances, it is best to simply move your backgammon checkers around the board as quickly as possible and avoiding getting sent to the bar. Other times, the best strategy may be to try to hold your opponent back as much as possible by blocking their checkers from advancing. Your blots are always vulnerable to be sent to the bar, but notice that this is more of a setback for more advanced checkers than for less advanced ones. Also, it is sometimes wiser to refuse a double and concede the backgammon game than it is to accept doubled stakes and lose.

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About Free Online Backgammon

Backgammon Online is a classic strategy game with almost 5,000 years of history. You can play free backgammon against a computer or friends and save time on real backgammon setup in this game. Test your luck and skills now!

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