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Cooking Mama Friends’ Café on Facebook

Mama has finally reached Facebook!. Cooking Mama, the best-selling franchise from Majesco Entertainment, allows users to operate a kitchen and cook dishes under the guidance of Mama.

Cooking Mama Friends’ Café is an all new experience that lets players chop, mix, stir, fry, bake, and pour to create infinite menu combinations that they can then share with customers and friends on Facebook! Cooking Mama Friends’ Café features immersive mechanics and an overall aesthetic similar to those in the Cooking Mama console and handheld games, but with an exciting and interactive social twist!

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Cooking Mama Friends’ Café Features

  • Free daily ingredients incentivize user retention: for each consecutive day a player returns, he or she gets an additional item
  • A different set of goals each day gives players a clear but constantly changing set of activities to perform
  • Mama Money - players can customize their kitchens with various items and purchase additional ingredients using real money and in-game currency
  • Viral Marketing - Players can visit their friends’ cafés to sample food or help out and can post their activities and accomplishments to their Facebook Walls
  • Product Placement - brands will have the opportunity to promote food products in the game with sponsored recipes and ingredients

Take a look at what the world is saying:

  • Gamezebo – “Strap on your apron, Cooking Mama has arrived on Facebook in delicious fashion.”
  • Joystiq – “Cooking Mama franchise stirs up Facebook with 'Friends Cafe'”

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