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Publishers Clearing House Finds More Ways For You to Win
Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is one of the largest and most successful multi channel direct marketing companies in the world. Founded in 1953 as a magazine circulation agency selling discounted subscriptions by direct mail, its business has broadened over the years to include a wide variety of merchandise that now accounts for a large portion of the company's sales.

The company's rapidly growing website,, offers the general public access to PCH's marketing activities and a broad array of company information. For web surfers, provides sweepstakes entry and shopping opportunities for magazines and merchandise. For consumer marketing companies, offers cost-efficient marketing partnerships that generate substantial numbers of qualified leads.

PCH has recently expanded its existing network of web properties,, and, with the launch of,, and The company plans to continue online development by adding more sites to its network over the next 12 months that revolve around attainable winning opportunities and great deals.

Arkadium Helps Drive Traffic and Engage Consumers turned to Arkadium to help them strategize and develop a unique way to engage their users online while remaining true to the brand. Their core goal was to give visitors a fun site experience with attainable prizes to keep them coming back for more, while also finding a way to drive more site traffic and revenue for their marketing partners.

PCHGames Game Platform

Arkadium’s approach to this challenge was to help create a customized, private label games platform, With this solution, consumers could play games, register to become members and redeem reward tokens for all kinds of prizes, all while providing with an easy platform for future game development and revenue building advertising opportunities. And as online game play is a natural extension of the brand’s sweepstakes playing theme, this seemed like a logical solution for the brand.

“The private label games platform that Arkadium presented us with was the perfect combination of a way we could create even more opportunities for our customers to enter sweepstakes, and also create more advertising revenue opportunities. With this solution we suddenly have more valuable video and banner inventory to offer our consumer marketing partners,” said Alex Betancur, General Manager of PCH Online.

Fun and Games at has a wide variety of games to choose from, ranging from the most popular card, casino and arcade games to challenging sports games. Members can play for free, earn valuable tokens, track scores and enter to win prizes including $500 Walmart Gift Certificates and other gift cards from leading merchants such as Target, Amazon and Home Depot. As members continue to log on and play games, they earn more tokens and fabulous prize winning opportunities. The site also includes leaderboards, which allows members to track how others are doing and compete against each other to be the top token leader on the site.

In a very short period of time has far exceeded expectations. The company promoted the game center through an email campaign to members and banner ads on its home page, and in its first month alone (January 2008) site visitors had completed over 4 million game plays on the site, 35 million tokens were redeemed for prizes and 40,000 entries were submitted for the January sweepstakes.

In addition to growing the sites daily traffic, PCHGames also helped to drive increased site interaction time. No longer were visitors logging on, entering sweepstakes and logging off. Instead, visitors stay on the site and play for over 12 minutes and then continue to play, on average, 5 more times. The higher traffic and frequency of visits resulted in increased opportunities for exposing customers to pre-roll and banner advertising.

“Expanding our presence online is a major initiative for PCH and games were an obvious choice. Developing a network of sites for the millions of PCH customers who do business with us online provides a strong foundation for our current marketing strategy. Arkadium is a great partner. They helped us select the games, build the site and have been involved in our ongoing dialog about future game development and instant win mechanisms,” said Steven Brita, Senior Marketing Director of PCH Online.