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Innovating the Newsroom

InHabit delivers relevant interactive visualizations called ƒactives™ to any article instantly — enhancing your editorial factually and functionally, boosting user-interaction and session duration.

More than 40% of users who view a ƒactive™ click into it, with mobile engagement surpassing desktop by a factor of four. Even better, users who click double their overall session durations. As engagement and loyalty metrics increase, so do revenue opportunities.
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There’s a Better Way to Engage Users

Our Arena of fun, interactive content including games, quizzes, polls, and more is all about retaining users on your site, discovering and engaging with more content, sharing links, and delivering strong monetization and loyalty.

Users spend an average of 15 minutes engaging with Arena based content, with 85% coming back each month. And with 90+% view through rates of high CPM video pre-roll, and integration managed by a single line of code, you’re sure to see new revenue from day one.

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Our Licensed Games Work Hard for You

The world’s leading publishers and brands engage their visitors and build loyalty and revenue with our library of over 300 premium, cross-platform licensed games. Fully customizable to align with your brand and editorial, you’ll instantly deliver a measurable impact across Web, mobile, and in-app platforms.

With 30% of users sharing their scores across social media, games are a quick and easy way for you to drive new traffic and loyalty.

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