Who says something fun can't work hard?

With each passing day, publishers are losing their audiences to mobile, catchy listicles, short-form video, and off-brand “recommended stories” that provide revenue at the expense of lost users. Until now.

Our Audience Attention Platform keeps your users engaged and on your site or app by delivering fun, programmatically recommended content including games, quizzes, videos, and more. Best of all, integration is managed by adding a single line of code to your site so you can start delivering incremental revenue and off the charts levels of user engagement from day one.

Publisher Benefits
  • Long Lasting Brand Engagement
  • New Revenue While Keeping Users on Your Site
  • New Traffic & Users
  • A Continuous Supply of Fresh Content
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • It's 100% Free
Delivering Engagment to Leading Publishers —

We’re all about keeping users on your site longer, discovering and engaging with more content, sharing links, and driving new revenue.  From day one.  

How We Do It

From casual games to videos to highly curated app recommendations, programmatically delivered content is the backbone of the Audience Attention Platform.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve gained unique insight into turning fun into off-the-charts levels of engagement and revenue. For publishers, this means you keep your users on your site and retain full editorial control over the brand-safe content that drives engagement, revenue, and deterministic data. For end users, this means having a one stop shop for content delivered by a trusted brand.

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Programmatic content and the engagement it delivers publishers are only as good as the smarts that back up the decision-making.

The Audience Attention Platform utilizes a proprietary, highly-refined, machine-learning technology to deliver publishers continuous performance analysis and improvement. Your users are ultimately presented with personalized content of the highest relevance regardless of whether they are in-app, desktop, or mobile.

Probabilistic user data isn’t hard to get, but reliable, deterministic data is.

Users login to the Audience Attention Platform to comment on videos and post their scores. And the more your users engage with our recommended content, the more you learn about them. Truly knowing your audience empowers publishers to deliver the right ads and messaging to the right people at the right time, giving them more value for their time, and you more brand value from their positive experience with your property.

The Audience Attention Platform has generated tens of millions in new revenue for our publishing partners, starting from day 1.

We’ve mastered yield optimization by serving billions of pre-roll and digital impressions across every device. No ad fraud, full transparency, a 90+% pre-roll view through rate, and a team of Ad Ops specialists ensures publishers receive the maximum value from each of their users. Have your own ad network? Integration is quick and easy.

Revenue Calculator

Revenue Calculator

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*Conversion Rate is the % of your unique monthly visitors who engage with our content. Publishers typically see 2%.

Coupled with our proprietary recommendation engine, human editors with strong knowledge and love of videos, games, music, and more navigate millions of pieces of content to help your users find their way through.

With unparalleled content discovery, your users stay highly engaged, remain on your site longer, and return with greater frequency.

By The Numbers

We Provide Publishers Off the Charts Levels of Engagement

"Arkadium has proven to be a valuable partner. Their fun, interactive content delivers engagement to our visitors, while driving traffic and additional revenue. We are excited with the results and look forward to continuing our partnership."

Jeff Douglas

Director of Product

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