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Spades Online

Spades Overview

Spades is a popular card game that's a bit of a cross between Bridge and Hearts. In this free online version of the classic game, you have the option to play against human or computer competitors!

The History of Spades

Spades, compared to other popular card games, is relatively new: It is commonly thought that Spades was invented in the U.S. in the 1930s by young, Midwest-based college students looking for an alternative to Bridge card games. Spades slowly spread around other colleges in the Midwest, but really took off during World War II when soldiers were able to not only carry portable game cards, but also play the relatively quick game known as Spades.

After the war, soldiers brought Spades back to the U.S. where its popularity grew, particularly in areas of the countries where soldiers settled. Only recently has Spades received a more formal status with different card game clubs and tournaments, including in the 2006 Grand Prix World Series of Classic Card Games.

Of course, with rapid growth of the internet over recent decades, the game of Spades has moved online and anyone across the world can enjoy this classic card game, including our free online version. Good luck playing this free online version of Spades!

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