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Free Online Chess Game

Free Online Chess Game Overview

Chess is the No. 1 classic board game of all time! It is a strategy board game played by millions of people around the world. There's no better way to practice your chess skills than by playing our free online chess game either against the computer or other human players. Make chess more fun by inviting family and friends to join this multiplayer game now!

How to Play Chess

To begin, you can move either a pawn or a knight. Knights move in an L-shape: Out two squares and over one. They are the only piece that can jump over other pieces. Pawns can only move forward one square at a time. However, on its first move, it can move two squares. Pawns can attack, but only diagonally and in a forward direction.

Bishops move diagonally and can move as many spaces as are available. Queens are able to move in any direction and can move as many spaces as are available. Kings can move in any direction, but only one square at a time. Rooks can move forward, backward or sideways, as long as there is space available.

If any opponent piece threatens to take your king, you are placed in “check.” When in check, you must make your king safe with your next move. You may either move your king, or block or capture the threatening piece. The game is won by placing your opponent’s king in “checkmate.” This simply means that it is impossible for your opponent to move their king to safety (or remove or block the threat) in a single move.

Things you don't know about Chess

- Chess originated in northern India about 1500 years ago.
- The longest game in history lasted for 269 moves and ended in a draw.
- The first official World Chess Championship was hosted in 1886.
- In 1997, IBM's Deep Blue chess computer beat the top-rated chess player Garry Kasparov. Today's best computer chess programs can beat grand masters easily.
- Believe it or not, German chess master Marc Lang set a world record for the number of simultaneously played chess games while blindfolded, with 46 games in 21 hours.

Play this free online chess game to exercise your brain and become a master!

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