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Free Online Bingo Game

Free Online Bingo Game Overview

Are you looking for a fun and free to play Bingo Game? You no longer need to go to bingo hall or casino because we offer free online bingo game for you! The game is multiplayer so invite your family and friends to play in the shared game room. No money, no pressure, everyone wins bingo here!

How to Play Bingo

The first step to playing bingo is deciding how many cards you want to play. For beginners, the one-card game is a good choice. For online bingo pros, the six-card and quick play games are quite a challenge! Each player in the room gets the same number of cards marked with a 5x5 grid containing numbers from 1 to 75. The pattern is announced, and the round begins.

On each turn, the caller randomly selects a numbered ball and announces it to the room. The ball is then set aside and cannot be called again. As soon as the ball is called, search your cards for the called and mark each one found. Mark carefully! You are scored based on how many correct and incorrect marks you make! The "FREE" square in the center of your cards can be marked at any time. You win if you match the pattern chosen at the beginning of the round and call bingo!

Fun facts about Bingo

1. Bingo originated in Italy in 1530.
2. Money is not the top priority among people who play bingo — enjoyment is.
3. In a 5x5 bingo card, there are a total of 1,474,200 different winning combinations.
4. A bingo game normally lasts three to six minutes.
5. Bingo helps keep your brain in shape and may be better for the brain than chess or bridge.
6. Bingo effectively relieves stress and helps lower the risk of depression.

Bingo is an enjoyable and amazing game! Enjoy this online bingo game now that you fully understand all the benefits it brings!

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