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12.18.12 Building Games for Windows 8
12.07.12 Mahjongg Dimensions celebrates Christmas with new Holiday Gifts
12.05.12 PC World: How Windows 8 Rewrites the Rules of PC Gaming
11.21.12 Electronic Theatre:In-depth Review: Taptiles
10.27.12 VentureBeat: Developers are mostly thrilled with the chance to make money with Windows 8 games
10.26.12 Mahjongg Dimensions Blast: Collect spooky puzzles just in time for Halloween [Exclusive]
10.17.12 Gamasutra: Rapid Prototyping: Tips for Running an Effective R&D Process
10.15.12 Forbes: 100 Founders Share Their Top “Aha” Moments — Guess How Many Jobs They’ve Created So Far?
10.15.12 Gamezebo: Arkadium on revamping Solitaire, Mahjong, and Minesweeper for Windows 8
10.08.12 Forbes: Casual Game Developer: "Windows 8 Is Everything My iPad Isn't"
09.18.12 Gamasutra: Reinventing Minesweeper: It was almost purple
09.12.12 Mahjongg Dimensions celebrates man's best friend this fall
09.11.12 Big Brothers Big Sisters: Sometimes, It Is All Fun and Games
09.05.12 VentureBeat: Betting on Ballmer, Arkadium readies four games for Windows 8
08.31.12 Microsoft Studios Windows 8 Titles Revealed! Arkadium's games available Oct 26th!
08.15.12 Games and puzzles offerings expand for Washington Post readers
08.09.12 Pulse2: What Facebook Users Spend Money On
07.24.12 Inside Social Games: Arkadium: Social gamers are much more likely to spend on Sim or building games
07.24.12 Arkadium examines the '5 W's of Social Game Purchases'
07.24.12 VentureBeat: Profiling the Facebook gamer: Who’s buying what and how often?
07.24.12 Mahjongg Dimensions celebrates Olympians with 2012 Summer Games Collection
07.24.12 iMediaConnection: Facebook Launches the App Center: What's Next?
07.13.12 MediaPost GamingInsider: Creating Games That Maximize Cross-Platform Potential
07.03.12 Arkadium to participate in Come Out & Play Festival - Super Secret Spies: Jul 14, 2012
07.02.12 Arkadium named in top 10 Great Entrepreneurial Places to Work by The New York Enterprise Report
06.21.12 Online shoppers and 'core' gamers the biggest spenders in Facebook games
06.21.12 Gamezebo: Paying social gamers are a diverse bunch, Arkadium study reveals
06.20.12 Arkadium Study: Monetization in Social Games - Part 1 Purchaser Profiles
06.20.12 Inside Social Games: Arkadium study shows ‘social butterflies’ and core gamers spend more on social games
06.18.12 Kenny Rosenblatt wins American Business Awards - Executive of the Year in Media
06.18.12 Mahjongg Dimensions celebrates America with Fourth of July boosts
06.13.12 GamesBeat: Arkadium hires new game design chief as it graduates from Mahjongg to bigger games
06.13.12 GamesIndustry International: So You Want to Work in Games?
06.12.12 SUCCESS Magazine: The Business of Games
05.30.12 Celebrate the elements in Mahjongg Dimensions Blast
04.27.12 MediaPost Gaming Insider: Feeling Special
04.25.12 Arkadium grants granny gamers some puzzlers on
04.17.12 Gamezebo Cribs: Arkadium Edition
04.17.12 GamesIndustry International: Mass Effect 3's Ending Controversy Is Actually Good for the Industry
04.10.12 Appsauna: Mahjongg Dimensions Blast review
04.06.12 Crain's New York: Make the most of the new Facebook Timeline
04.05.12 Mahjongg Dimensions celebrates Easter with special Spring Collection
03.20.12 GamesIndustry International: The Best Stories You Can't Read
03.12.12 Social Tech Pop: 12 percent say they would kiss people who are Irish on St. Paddy's Day
03.02.12 Business Insider: The Co-Founders of Game Developer Arkadium Learned that You're Not Truly Successful Until Somebody Sues You
02.29.12 Crain's New York: Turning off email, turning up productivity
02.29.12 University of Toronto Magazine: Master of Play
02.13.12 Arkadium celebrates Valentine's Day in Mahjongg Dimensions
02.07.12 VentureBeat: Microsoft readies Windows 8 app store games
01.05.12 Information Week: 5 SMB Tips For Partnering With Big Business
01.04.12 VentureBeat: Arkadium signs multi-year game partnership with Microsoft
01.04.12 Inside Social Games: Arkadium signs social game publishing deal with Microsoft Studios
01.04.12 Gamasutra: Microsoft pursues cross-platform social games with Arkadium
01.04.12 Microsoft Studios gets social games savvy, buddies up with Arkadium
01.04.12 Gamezebo: Arkadium teams up with Microsoft for casual game partnership
01.04.12 Crain's New York: Games maker Arkadium taps Microsoft as teammate
01.04.12 MediaPost: Arkadium Develops Microsoft Windows-based Casual, Social Games